Currently on two week wait

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Woodcottage1 Sat 22-Feb-20 19:54:23

I am currently on my two week wait. I had my egg collection early December last year. I have one ovary, 8 collected, 5 mature, all fertilised, 3 x 5 day blastocysts and 2 x 6 day blastocysts. Then tested, 1 normal. This normal embryo was transferred on Thursday and I have my fingers crossed. Some cramping even on the first day, sharp pain day 2, and one of my legs is painful to touch. All of which is most likely to be from the hormones I’m taking. Just wondering if anyone is also on their 2 week wait? If anyone wants any info about doing this in cyprus let me know x

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ineedaholiday11 Sat 22-Feb-20 21:37:14

Hi, I'm also in the 2ww. I had my transfer on wed afternoon. Egg collection was in October but we had to stop the process as I developed ohss. I'm feeling ridiculously bloated, but had also been prior to the transfer. I presume it is the drugs. I had been doing well until this evening, but am now itching to test! I am going to try to hold out until next week - my clinic said to test in 14-16 days after transfer. Acupuncturist said not to test for at least 9 days 😫

Woodcottage1 Sun 23-Feb-20 09:40:33

Hello ineedaholiday! Best of luck to you. What have you had transferred, mine was a 5day. My clinic wants me to test next Sunday which will be 10 days post transfer. How much acupuncture are you doing? I’m doing my ivf in cyprus and consequently haven’t got my normal acupuncturist, but I’ve been using a lovely lady in Nicosia before the procedure and then 24 hours later. Im not sure whether I should get another session in. I leave on Wednesday to go home. How are you filling your time x

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Hufflepuff1 Sun 23-Feb-20 10:28:07

Hi! Best of luck to you all.
I am also in my 2ww,transfer was on Friday following a FET of a day 5 embryo.
Not felt ANYTHING so obviously thinking it's not worked at all and wondering how I'm going to deal with it.
Baby dust 💜

ineedaholiday11 Sun 23-Feb-20 11:14:08

Hi @Woodcottage1 good luck to you too!

I had a5day blast which had been pgs tested. I'm going to try to hold out until Friday or saturday but am going stir crazy already - I've locked the pregnancy tests in a drawer!

I was having acupuncture once a week, but I had it twice on the day of embryo transfer (wed), with another on Friday. I'm booked in again on wed. I also had a session of reflexology on Thursday.

How long have you been in Cyprus? I've been watching trashy tv and reading to fill my time. I go back to work tomorrow which will keep me busy. Hopefully not too stressed out though! How about you?

@Hufflepuff1 good luck to you too. Don't worry too much about symptoms. It's still way to early to know. Any symptoms at this stage would almost certainly be the drugs!

Hufflepuff1 Sun 23-Feb-20 11:35:06

@ineedaholiday11 when is your OTD? Mine is 5th March but let's not lie and say I won't test early. Although today I have been saying I'm not going to as I'm just not sure I could deal with it 😩

I also had acupuncture the day before and day of transfer and will return if the result is positive 🤞

Woodcottage1 Sun 23-Feb-20 11:43:52

Hello @hufflepuff1 I don’t think we should necessarily worry, I’ve not had any cramping today and they say it’s probably the progesterone. Best of luck to you x

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Woodcottage1 Sun 23-Feb-20 11:51:39

Hi @ineedaholiday11 I’m wondering if I should book in an acupuncture session 🙈....I traveled to cyprus on Sunday, transfer Thursday, then moved to Dubai on Friday as I wanted some nice weather. Fingers crossed the travelling isn’t going to cause problems (not that I can see any evidence of damage done by travelling on the internet) I’m just resting and this time trying to not obsess with symptoms. If I’ve been told to test on Sunday, then Saturday should tell you. I’ve been told to test on the Tuesday again after Sunday for conclusive and organise a blood test if I’m lucky enough for this to work. I hope we all have success next week 🙌

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ineedaholiday11 Sun 23-Feb-20 20:01:48

Hi @Hufflepuff1 my official test date is between 4-6 March. Acupuncturist advised to wait until at least day 9 so I'm going to try to wait until at least Saturday... I am going to see her on wed which will hopefully give me a bit of an indication when she takes my pulse - it was right last time although that pregnancy didn't work out. She had a good point. Testing early will just create stress if it comes back negative and will not change anything. It's still hard though!

@Woodcottage1 sounds like a well earned break after the transfer process! I'm sure the travel will not have made a difference.

I hope you both rest up and that this week goes well and ends positively for us all!

Hufflepuff1 Mon 24-Feb-20 23:42:29

Hope today was a better day for you all!
@ineedaholiday11 I'm going to hold out as long as I can, I've seen enough BFNs to last a lifetime. 💜

Adri83 Tue 25-Feb-20 13:17:53

Hi! Good luck to everyone! 😀
I'm also on my TWW, got ET on Tuesday after just 1 egg collected. Doctors and nurses were telling me to basically get the idea of this possibly going to be an abandoned cycle (18 days of stimms!) so I've already got my dose of depression this cycle and then, when I got back on my feet and was waiting for doctors call to abandon cycle they said to go ahead with EC 🤦🏻‍♀️ From there on I was just waiting for anything to go wrong, after all, I was ready for the "bad news" but that one egg got fertilised and it was good quality so got a 2dt on Tuesday, currently on my 6dp2dt OTD 4th of March. Fingers crossed! 🤞

Hufflepuff1 Tue 25-Feb-20 16:36:44

@Adri83 oh my what a roller-coaster!
Fingers crossed this is the cycle for you!
I am 4dp5dt following a FET, longest wait ever! 🤞💜

Adri83 Tue 25-Feb-20 17:29:16

@Hufflepuff1 omg it is torture! And apart from that beautiful pink second line there is absolutely nothing that can give us a lead. I've read bad stories becoming successful one and viceversa.
I'm being/staying positive but waiting for a negative result, if that makes sense? Not that I want it, of course, but kinda ready if it does?
Still get that gigantic octopus breakdancing inside my stomach every morning 😅

Hufflepuff1 Tue 25-Feb-20 22:16:03

@Adri83 yes totally understand! Trying to stay positive but can't see it either. I think the whole infertility journey makes you put a guard up to protect your heart but nevertheless it's absolutely heart breaking and devastating if you don't get the results you want 💔💔

Woodcottage1 Thu 27-Feb-20 09:01:51

Any news yet @ineedaholiday11. I’ve been manually checking my heart rate, think it’s about 75 ish, and did my first test yesterday evening which showed a faint line, and no line this morning. I’m back in the uk so going to book an acupuncture session tomorrow x

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Woodcottage1 Thu 27-Feb-20 09:02:51

Good luck @Adri83 x

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Woodcottage1 Thu 27-Feb-20 12:14:43

How are you feeling @Hufflepuff1? X

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Hufflepuff1 Thu 27-Feb-20 12:16:50

Trying not to crack @Woodcottage1 xx

Woodcottage1 Thu 27-Feb-20 12:33:23

Completely @hufflepuff1. I’ve just bought a fit bit in the hope to be able to tell if my heart rate is up, I’m not sure what my normal heart rate is, so can’t tell if I’m just overweight and have a rubbish resting heart rate or if there’s anything to get excited about. This type last year I was rather glamorous and slim, now I’m about 20 pounds heavier and forever greasy hair, I wash it and it looks limp and greasy 🙈🙈🙈...not only are we going through hell but it makes us look like shit 🙈🙈🙈. I’m allowed to test on Sunday, can’t bear this not working again 😢xx

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Hufflepuff1 Thu 27-Feb-20 13:01:39

@Woodcottage1 coincidentally I have actually lost my fit bit. I put it down somewhere last week and haven't managed to find it. I think that's a good thing tbh as I wouldn't know what I was looking for! I hear you with looking like shit, my skins so dry it's disgusting and I look 5 months pregnant even though I ain't. 🙄
Not long to go until you can test, I think I will cave in and test early!!

Woodcottage1 Thu 27-Feb-20 16:23:59

Your the day after me @hufflepuff1 I believe, my first round I started getting positive about day 8 and then weaker from then on. I’ll probably test again tomorrow x

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Hufflepuff1 Fri 28-Feb-20 07:41:35

I caved in and tested today and it's a faint BFP! In shock and can't believe it as seriously thought I was out. No symptoms whatsoever except bloating from the progesterone. Fingers crossed 🤞 it sticks and gets stronger and stronger 🙏🙏

Woodcottage1 Fri 28-Feb-20 08:17:05

That’s great news Hufflepuff1, fingers crossed xx

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Adri83 Fri 28-Feb-20 12:36:51

@Hufflepuff1 yay!!! It will get darker every day you'll see! 👶👶👶

Hufflepuff1 Fri 28-Feb-20 14:52:48

Thank you 💜

I hope so 🤞🤞🍀

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