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imcc1979xx Tue 18-Feb-20 13:26:00

Hello all,

I really hope someone can offer their advice. My partner and I had an initial IVF appointment with a nurse at hospital. All of our results were fine, semen analysis, my bloods etc - and the nurse booked me for a hycosy for the end of this month (Feb). This was just a few weeks after our initial meeting, which was only a month after our referral from our doctors, so far this amazingly has happened very quickly (I am 40, so presume this is being fast-tracked).

My query, what happens after the hycosy in terms of follow up appointments? Do you usually have to wait a few months before your next consultation or can this happen quickly after to determine whether you are on the IVF waiting list (i presume that is what happens in the follow up meeting).

Also, if we are approved for IVF and put on the waiting list - when are you tested for smoking? My partner smokes - does this happen at the meeting after the hycosy, or your first consultation after being approved. Any idea would really help, as he's keen to stop way before then but would like an idea of how long he has - he was told 3 months before, but doesn't know at what point he has 3 months from!!

Thanks so much in advance xx

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MissHoney85 Tue 18-Feb-20 13:52:51

After my HyCoSy I think I remember at least one more appointment with the nurse, which was a fairly pointless box ticking exercise to submit our application for NHS funding which we could easily have done at home. Then it was another long wait for an appointment at the IVF clinic, then the wait to start the cycle. So much waiting! I got really frustrated by how long everything takes in that part of the process. No one talks about that bit! You wait forever for something to happen, then it turns out to be the start of another long wait. The process might be different in your area though if course. Can't help with the smoking bit I'm afraid!

shazzz1xx Tue 18-Feb-20 14:02:23

me and my partner never got asked or tested if we smoke.. and we both do x

imcc1979xx Tue 18-Feb-20 14:10:29

Thank you @MissHoney85 very useful to know, I kind of thought there would be another meeting with the nurse to go through results etc - I just hate the not knowing part, but so far been very lucky with how fast it's happened, so fingers crossed. Thank you again x

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imcc1979xx Tue 18-Feb-20 14:11:19

Ok @shazzz1xx, I think it's a bit of a lottery but to be safe, I will make sure he stops around the time of my hycosy.

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bunhead34 Tue 18-Feb-20 15:24:31

We had an appointment 2 days after the hycosy to discuss next steps/Ivf. We booked it at the same time we booked the hycosy appointment.

sabtom Tue 18-Feb-20 16:11:35

Hi OP! It sounds like we're in very similar positions. I have my HyCoSy test on Thursday. I was referred by my GP last September when I was 39, and I've now turned 40. Although, knowing what I know now I wished they'd have done it sooner. In my area (Lambeth, London) my GP said NHS funding for IVF was cut off at age 40 but when I saw the consultant at Guys fertility he told me the cut off age was 39, but seen as I was referred when I was 39 there might've been a chance. However, my partner smokes and he said we wouldn't get funding if me or my partner smoke or have been for the past 6 months. Having known that I would've been more strict with my OH to quit sooner angry

With the HyCoSy being the last test I think we have left to do I guess we'll see on Thursday where we go from there and get the ball rolling for private IVF.

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 18-Feb-20 17:24:26

I'd also check about the funding criteria for your area ASAP you don't want to get a shock in a couple of months time and wasted several months when you should have done straight to private - most state that only eligible on NHS if treatment commences whilst 39 (if you turn 40 during treatment they'll let you finish the cycle but won't offer anymore but you HAVE to start before you are 40) - the initial testing you've had is just infertility investigations which you would be eligible for whether or not you were then allowed to access NHS IVF treatment

You won't know for a few weeks/months if you get accepted for NHS funding - unless you've already got that letter - pretty sure mine came through after all the testing/investigation was complete

imcc1979xx Wed 19-Feb-20 13:23:21

Hi @sabtom thanks so much for your reply. And yes we do sound like we're in a very similar boat. I was referred by my doctor as I was 39 at the time and was told that we were eligible, like you for funding, and as yet after early consultations I have not heard otherwise. Wishing you all the best with the hycosy and I will be giving my OH a stern addressing about the smoking this evening!! I guess if there is a problem regarding my age or the smoking then we will have to explore the private option as well xx

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sabtom Thu 20-Feb-20 18:34:17

Hi @imcc1979xx just thought I'd guve you you an update. So had my HyCoSy today, and in the dr's words "everything looks perfect". Which I'm of course happy about but still frustrating as we're still nowhere near finding out why we can't get pregnant. He also said there's a good follicle on my right side ready to go, so we gotta get on it as soon as lol. Anyway, because of my age he said no point wasting time and to go straight to IVF (self funded of course) so we picked up the price list and we're probably gunna start soon as this cycle has finished, that's if we're unsuccessful again. It'll be just a matter of ringing up Guys and booking an appointment, and the only test I'll have to go through is the bloods and OH SA again so it'll keep some of the cost down.

Good luck to you and I would get the ball rolling for IVF as soon as is possible for you thanks

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