Anyone on Clomid ? What to expect ...

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Lifesforloving1 Sun 16-Feb-20 21:56:21

Have been put on Clomid , after diagnosed with pcos. Ttc for 4 years . No joy at all

Anyone got any success story’s ? Doctor said I have a good chance of a baby one day if I start ovulating .

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YouBoggleMyMind Sun 16-Feb-20 23:23:30

Take it at night to minimise any side effects. I did 10 rounds and got pregnant twice (early miscarriage the first time) and now have DS who is 2. It only worked for me once I started taking metformin but that's due to me being insulin resistant.

Lifesforloving1 Mon 17-Feb-20 17:07:00

Thanks for replying to me , I’m currently on the highest dose of metformin .
Really hoping I get some joy from the Clomid ?!
I’m also insulin resistant. I’ve never been pregnant before . I’m waiting for a scan . I’m right in thinking I take the Clomid the day after my periods starts ? x

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YouBoggleMyMind Mon 17-Feb-20 17:15:25

Clomid can be taken at different points but I personally took it on days 2-6 of my cycle. Cycle day 1 is when you have full flow.

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