Increasing my progesterone dose

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iwannagohomepls Sun 16-Feb-20 15:11:59

Hoping someone here can advise.
I'm 4DP5DFET and am currently taking 3 x progynova (2mg) per day and 4 x Utrogestan (200mg) per day.
Owing to our history of chemical pregnancies and a late loss due to short cervix I am thinking to increase my progesterone dose myself. The clinic I'm at are very conservative and don't even measure progesterone levels so I wouldn't even want to ask them, I wanted to know what other ladies on here suggest and whether there's a risk to increasing the progesterone dose?

FWIW I'll be on progesterone until around 36 weeks anyway to support my cervix.

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Grenic Tue 25-Feb-20 20:39:14

Hello. I am on 200mg progesterone orally per day. Started spotting at 5 weeks. Wondering whether I can double my progesterone dosage? I have a history of recurrent early losses. Any advice.

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