Can anyone tell me about follow up consultation at Hewitt Centre Liverpool when going to have IVF through access fertility

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Lauraliverpool Thu 13-Feb-20 14:52:32

Can anybody tell me what the follow up consultation will involve? We are going to have IVF through access fertility but go to the hewitt centre for treatment. Me and my husband had the initial consultation at the hewitt centre which was £185 we hadn't decided at that point where we would go for treatment but then decided that we would go through access fertility so we have paid the money and contacted the hewitt centre to begin and that's when we got told the consultant would probably want to see us again so we made the appointment for the 5th march, hopefully be sooner as we've been put on the cancellation list, they said it's a chargeable consultation, will that be right? Even though we've chosen access fertility?, I know medications etc are going to be separate.

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H1ghH0pes Fri 14-Feb-20 17:38:46

Hiya @Lauraliverpool I would say best bet is to check with Access Fertility exactly what the money you have paid for includes depending on which package you have paid for. They have both an email address and phone number and have always been fairly quick replies to all my questions.

With my access fertility package I had 2 cycles and this included the cost of consultations for the cycle and all the scans but not the pre treatment tests, the medication or the cost of theatre (If required) and also not for the sedation either. The cost of embryo freezing and all follow up consultations between transfers are covered though. Our first cycle was not sucessful. we had 3 embryos but none implanted so we're now onto our 2nd Cycle To give you an idea of costs even with access fertility . At the hosptial we're at the drugs are dependant on dose so ours was £750. Sedation is £250...if using theatre it's £600.

Hope this helps.

Lauraliverpool Fri 14-Feb-20 18:35:49

@H1ghH0pes thank you for replying I've got a leaflet with the different programmes that access fertility have and if I've read it right what the programmes include. We've gone with the multi cycle.

I'm going to call the hewitt centre on Monday, I did query this chargeable consultation and was told they'd check on this, want to clear this up and make sure the Hewitt Centre are completely aware that we are going through Access fertility. I've had blood tests done and the scan and my husband has had his tests too. I know that the medication and screening tests are chargeable to the hewitt centre.

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