Infertility Suffers.. how many children do you have?

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HayleyLIsa86 Wed 12-Feb-20 16:26:45

Hello all.

My partner and I were incredibly lucky and fell pregnant on our first attempt of IVF with ICSI owing to male factor fertility.
Last year we welcomed our beautiful baby daughter. She’s amazing and we both feel incredibly blessed. We were lucky that we were able to freeze some embryos-6! Which we’d like to use one day to try for a sibling.
IVF and pregnancy are long battles and journeys (even if successful the first time, for me nothing was certain until I held my baby in my arms) so I do often get filled with anxiety at the thought of opening that door again...
now and again I look online to see if anyone has posted a similar story to mine and similar questions but haven’t had much luck....
Our frozen embryos are 4AB, ABA, 4BB, 4BB, 4BC and 4CB, I wonder if we’ll ever be lucky again for it to work these things are often owing to chance... sometimes I feel how can it be right it won’t work again for us we have our baby while others wish and pray for their little one. And then I start to feel ungrateful, I always dreamed of 3 or 4 children how I laugh at the realisation that won’t be the case ( not just fertility issues but money etc and my age)
I guess what I’d like to find out is if there is anyone out that has success stories with multiple ivf babies from one IVF cycle, can it happen? Especially with singleton pregnancies...

I hope I don’t come across greedy or spoilt in anyway it’s far from that, I guess I’m still coming to terms with my reality but I like yo believe whilst there’s hope and a fighting chance grab it...

If anyone has any questions about IVF or just wants to talk I’m here... please ask away, we explored the NHS ands private route and opted for private.

I wish you all success and luck on your journeys. My advice is stay strong, keep the focus, consider all your options and remember it’s not over until it’s over..

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TheArtfulScreamer1 Thu 13-Feb-20 19:04:41

We're unexplained and after 5 years TTC we were fortunate to have successful first round IVF. We have 1 embryo in the freezer which we hope to use later on this year. If our FET isn't successful that will be the end of the road for us as I'd rather spend the money on the child I have rather than on a child I may never have. I would think that with six good quality embies in the freezer you stand a good chance of getting at least 1 sibling if not more.

HayleyLIsa86 Fri 14-Feb-20 07:43:46

Thanks for your message and advice.

Congratulations on the success of your first round and my fingers are tightly crossed for your transfer this year; we are considering a transfer in Spring.

I totally understand your reasoning. I’ve done some reflecting over the last few days and realised that I need to focus on what I have and not what I don’t, many would only dream to be in our position.

Fingers crossed for us both 😊

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