Day 5 scan

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Needtotalkivf19 Wed 12-Feb-20 15:28:47

I had my first scan today (day 5 of cycle), I have been taking medication for 3day. And I was just wondering how other people were getting on at this stage.
I am now worrying as I was told I have the following follicle - 2 14mm 2 12mm, 7 7mm and 1 5mm.
Are the ones bigger in size going to cause me a problem?? Has anyone else experienced this.
I may just be worrying about nothing, I’m just unsure, I just wasn’t expecting any that big already xx

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worriedmama16 Wed 12-Feb-20 15:47:30

My memory is a bit rusty, I had ivf nearly 5 years ago but egg collection will be around day 11-12??
Again can't really remember size details but my baseline scan when I'd started meds was horrifying, worse scan I'd ever had. I was absolutely sobbing, there was talk of increasing the dose but they didn't.
I ended up with I think 15 eggs removed, 11 fertilised, 4 blastocysts in the freezer and one gorgeous little girl. Anything can happen, good luck

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 12-Feb-20 19:09:50

I had egg collection last week and also had another one last month. Because I'm a control freak I have a spreadsheet of my follicles each cycle (I've done 4 so far!)

On day 6 of my last cycle on very low dose stims (I'm doing natural modified cycles) I had 1 follicle at 11mm and several more at 8mm and 9mm

Mine then grew around 1.5mm-2mm per day (except one which shot off the chart!)

So yours sounds fine for where you are as you're probably on a higher dose than me so yours are actually bigger than mine were on this cycle day.

The important thing is that you don't get any that get too big too quick - you want them all within a couple mm of each other. You just need the 7mm to catch up a bit (drinks lots of milk and eat loads of protein!)

Anything over 14mm on the day of trigger has the Best chance of Containing a mature egg and that's been true for all my collections x

Needtotalkivf19 Wed 12-Feb-20 21:32:07

@worriedmama16 Thankyou for sharing your story and congratulations on your little girl.
@itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Thankyou for your advice, I’m not a big fan on milk but will get some milkshake mix tomorrow and start drinking plenty. My main worry is I only have one ovary andscare the bigger ones will grow to big, which like you mentioned we don’t really want, I’m back there for a scan on Friday so hopefully them ones have slowed down and the others have caught up.
Good luck with your cycle xx

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