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LolaJade88 Fri 07-Feb-20 13:36:30

Unfortunately on Wednesday I found out that our 2nd cycle of ICSI was unsuccessful. I’m obviously completely crushed but I feel as though I’m handling it fairly well. I have a lot of other exciting things going on at the moment to distract me. However I do keep randomly crying which I know is understandable and keep having the odd panic attack.

I’ve been thinking of going to the counselling that’s offered through our clinic but I just don’t know how much it can really help? I’ve been to cbt therapy before, and am able to control panic attacks relatively.

So just wanted to hear people’s experiences please. Is it worth it? My husband doesn’t want to go so it’d just be me.


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NRW39 Fri 07-Feb-20 13:47:20

Hi LolaJade88
Sorry to hear the outcome of your recent cycle.

Me and my partner have been in couples IVF therapy for a year and it has been so valuable.

I've had 2 miscarriages and 2 failed cycles- our therapist covered the emotions we felt at the 2 failures, and basically said we feel the way we did because we deal with the failure like it's a lose: all the hope and expectation you put into the cycle and to have it not work is crushing.

I think It's so important to talk to someone other than your partner about your feelings and emotions.

My partner was very emotional after our back to back failures, but our emotions were not and never can be on the same level. I was a wreck and they really got me down.

Our therapist is amazing and she magically gets you talking and addressing things you never knew were even on your mind.

Sorry for going on! Ha

Bottom line- I would absolutely recommend therapy.

LolaJade88 Sat 08-Feb-20 07:31:34

Thanks for the reply. Think I might give it a go, just makes me feel abit nervous!

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NRW39 Sat 08-Feb-20 11:16:35

Good. Go for it. You've got nothing to lose by doing so. If it's not for you, then you don't have to continue going.

Good luck!

Littlelot Sun 09-Feb-20 19:06:25

If recommend it. I’ve had two sessions - I had them on my own as I just wanted somewhere where I could talk freely. My counsellor is brilliant and some of the things she’s said have really stuck with me.

AvaMercy Sun 09-Feb-20 20:21:47

Hi there!

I’m another person that’s used my clinics counselling service and I’d definitely recommend it. I’ve had two sessions and as it’s a very busy NHS clinic, there can be long waits in between appointments but I’ve definitely found both appointments helpful and I have another booked in a month or so.

I understand why you might feel nervous but if you do decide to try it, I don’t think you’ll regret it, even if you were to decide you didn’t want anymore sessions.

Paige2207 Tue 11-Feb-20 20:05:48

Hi I’m so sorry about the outcome of your recent ICSI. I too recommend counselling. It’s a safe place to talk freely about how your feeling and if your husband doesn’t want to go then please don’t be nervous! Like previous poster said it’s good to talk to someone other than your partner how your feeling and you might get a thing out two out of it for moving forward.
Good luck and really hope you attend, you’ll be glad you did x

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