Embryo Grading

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DobbieFreeElf Mon 03-Feb-20 21:21:11

Hi everyone,

I’ve been quietly lurking on a few of the infertility threads and wondered if someone could maybe explain the embryo grading system to me.

I had EC yesterday and 7 of the 8 eggs collected have fertilised by ICSI. Will be hearing how they’re getting on in a couple of days 🤞

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MissHoney85 Mon 03-Feb-20 21:47:00

I think different places can use different systems but the most common seems to be a number up to 6 followed by 2 letters A to C. The number is how big the blast is, 6 being a fairly uncommon hatching blast down to 3 being probably the smallest they would transfer. The first letter is the quality of the Inner Cell Mass (which will become the embryo) and the second is the quality of the Thophectoderm (the outside bit which will become the placenta). So 6AA is the dream!

MissHoney85 Mon 03-Feb-20 21:50:30

www.bournhall.co.uk/fertilityblog/embryo-grading/ This explains it pretty well I think.

DobbieFreeElf Mon 03-Feb-20 22:19:14

Thank you @MissHoney85! All makes much more sense now!

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