2ww from ivf

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LouisaPipSqueak Mon 03-Feb-20 11:30:26

Anyone else on 2ww? Any symptoms/good signs?

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MrsLouB Mon 03-Feb-20 14:08:40

Hi i am am 5dp 5dt FET only symptoms are moody, cramping too but could be from the drug x

You ?

LouisaPipSqueak Mon 03-Feb-20 14:38:11

Hi, sorry clueless on dp/dt meanings. I had transfer on Saturday. Don’t feel any different although the tiniest ache I think I’m imagining it! Maybe a tight feeling - maybe ate to much lunch? I’m only on 200mg of drug so maybe why I don’t feel any different. Going to be a long two weeks. Want to know know and can’t help be symptom spot!!

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LouisaPipSqueak Mon 03-Feb-20 14:38:36

Know now*

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MrsLouB Mon 03-Feb-20 15:59:13

ho ya the dp/dt means Days past - 5 day transfer thats all .

So i had a 5 day blast transferred 5 says ago.

You cant help it i promised i wouldnt but i do, i promised id wait to test but i didnt.

You will feel something anyway as the uterus has been manipulated and has a foreign body it is so will be cramp tight etc x

LouisaPipSqueak Mon 03-Feb-20 17:35:34

Ah, please let me know how you get on!
Yes, of course. That makes sense. I just can’t wait xx

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Chooklass Mon 03-Feb-20 20:03:21

Hello @LouisaPipSqueak @MrsLouB I'm two days away from my official testing day - it's been the longest two weeks ever! 😭 There's a bunch of us on this thread going through IVF TWW at various stages - really lovely supportive group if you'd like to pop in 😊.

TWW Jan/Feb 2020 http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/infertility/3800772-TWW-Jan-Feb-2020

MrsLouB Tue 04-Feb-20 04:40:35

Of course i will do and @chooklass oh exciting i have joined have fingers crossed for you

LouisaPipSqueak Tue 04-Feb-20 09:52:41

Oooh thanks @chooklass - fingers crossed!! Xx

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