Has anyone tried hypnotherapy for fertility and did it work?

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Crumpets124 Wed 29-Jan-20 14:54:04

Hi all. I am about to start a second round of ivf and am wondering if hypnotherapy would be worth doing?

Has anyone tried it? And can it be done pre ivf or does it have to be during the cycle?

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BendyLikeBeckham Wed 29-Jan-20 14:57:12

Honestly OP, nothing in your unconscious mind can affect your chances of conceiving. Don't waste your money.

Crumpets124 Wed 29-Jan-20 16:17:30

I suppose I am thinking maybe it might help me develop a positive mental attitude rather than it making me pregnant but is there no evidence that a PMA matters also?

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jemimafuddleduck Wed 29-Jan-20 16:37:35

I had had hypnotherapy throughout my last 3 cycles. It still didn't work - but I never expected hypnotherapy to have an influence on the success of the cycles. For me it was more about managing my emotions and anxieties - and for that it was amazing. I would massively recommend it. If you're in the south west I can recommend my therapist- she was brilliant.

Crumpets124 Wed 29-Jan-20 16:42:30

I’m afraid I’m not near the south west unfortunately but thanks for your response - that’s more what I’m thinking in terms of dealing with anxieties etc.

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Maximoo06 Wed 29-Jan-20 19:13:40

@jemimafuddleduck I would love to know the recommendation?

HJF84 Wed 29-Jan-20 19:18:50

@Crumpets124 I had hypnotherapy before my first cycle, but like @jemimafuddleduck said, it was to better manage my emotions and anxieties around infertility. Yes it worked, and the solutions she gave me still help me now.

Loopylou4812 Wed 29-Jan-20 19:58:08

I had hypnotherapy before and during my first cycle and I am now 34 weeks pregnant. We had a few issues with poor response to the drugs so only got 3 eggs at collection. The hypnotherapy definitely helped my mental health in dealing with it. I also had some acupuncture in the week running up to EC and on the day of transfer.

BendyLikeBeckham Thu 30-Jan-20 09:02:26

You weren't clear in your OP that it was for mental wellbeing rather than for fertility. In that case, I am sure there are lots of free options such as mindfulness, daily meditation, Youtube positivity videos, and Paul McKenna does some good ebooks/recordings which you can get on Amazon Kindle. Does the fertility clinic not offer some form of counselling alongside the medical treatment?

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