Cost of IVF drugs

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Youngatheart00 Tue 28-Jan-20 11:29:43

Can I ask on average how much you paid for your IVF meds (straightforward cycle) and whether you obtained them from your clinic or independently? If a private prescription, did your clinic charge for this?

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Lucinda4321 Tue 28-Jan-20 13:01:52

My clinic charges £25 for a prescription. I buy from Asda as they sell the medications at cost and it works out significantly cheaper than from the clinic supplier eg Lubion is £57 from Asda but £119 from the clinic supplier. Total cost is variable and depends on how much stimulation medication you need and any add ons but will be somewhere between 1-2K. Mine were about £1800 but this included growth hormone. Basically you need to get a quote from your clinic and one from Asda.

inwood Tue 28-Jan-20 13:04:54

I haven't had ivf but my sister got the prescription and used Asda, they sell at cost.

Youngatheart00 Tue 28-Jan-20 17:12:56

For Asda, do you just take the script into any store with a pharmacy?

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Lucinda4321 Tue 28-Jan-20 17:29:57

Yes take it into store. They do the order when you are there and you have to pay at the point of ordering. The meds come in within 2-3 days. Its very easy...

PenguNoodle Tue 28-Jan-20 17:34:02

I've found that the actual
Stimming medication is cheaper at the clinic but anything else like Clexane, trigger injection, Cyclogest and Cetrotide are cheaper at Asda.

Yep if you go to Asda, you take in your private prescription, pay and then ask them to call you when it's ready to collect. Mine always have it next day, but allow longer just in case. Also Asda don't usually give you needles, syringes, openers and sharps bin so get the clinic to give you those or add to the prescription

Lucinda4321 Wed 29-Jan-20 11:18:43

Just rang Fertility2U for a general estimate, they base your quote on which clinic you are attending as oppose to which drugs you require. I asked him where I should go for my prescription in order to get a good price but he said he didn't have that information. Each of the drugs I enquired into were slightly less than the clinic Im attending but still almost twice the price of ASDA.

Youngatheart00 Wed 29-Jan-20 11:38:35

@lucinda4321 that pretty much confirms my view that it’s all such a money making racket, I’ve no objection to reasonable profit but when the cost varies so much for the exact same drug at such an emotional time it does smack of preying on the vulnerable!!

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