Ovulation confusion ?

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Lifesforloving1 Sun 26-Jan-20 11:54:11

My last period was on the 19th of this month. I finished my period today .... when am I likely to ovulate ? And which are the best ovulation sticks to use ? 😊

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Roxy8203 Sun 26-Jan-20 13:15:43

Generally ovulation is 2 weeks after your period. I found clear blue very good and managed to get them on offer on groupon

FlashesOfRage Sun 26-Jan-20 14:08:47

Jan 19th was your cycle day 1 (CD1)

So today you are on CD8.

If you have typical and regular 28 day cycles then you can expect ovulation around Feb 1st which will be CD14 for you 👍

peachypetite Sun 26-Jan-20 14:13:54

I think clear blue are the best. I know you can get the cheaper ones but a lot of people seem to end up really confused by them.

Lifesforloving1 Mon 27-Jan-20 16:31:13

Thanks everyone xx

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willithappen Tue 28-Jan-20 15:57:04

Easymom @ home ones are good as they come with an app and you can take a picture of the results and put it into the app and it can then record your 'peak' tests. Also good for keeping track and looking back over.
I think I got 50 tests on Amazon for under £20

willithappen Tue 28-Jan-20 15:57:58

This is an example of some of my tests from it


Lifesforloving1 Thu 30-Jan-20 06:09:20

@willithappen , amazing Thankyou !

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