Positive Chlamydia antibodies but never tested positive on internal vaginal swab

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iRawra Fri 24-Jan-20 11:48:54

Hi everyone,

Bloods done for sub-fertility. Still waiting for my appointment for ultrasound, swab and smear test to be done for ALL results which are all on the 3rd Feb.

Bloods have come back showing positive for Chlamydia antibodies, suggesting I've had it at some point. I'm 26 and since 16 have done about 6 or 7 swab tests, the last being 2.5 years ago after splitting with last ex and sleeping with my DP, who is now my DH. This was completely clear of any STIs and neither of us have cheated or slept with others since sleeping with each other. I've told him about positive Chlamydia antibodies and he is just as clear it could be the same for him too, so is very supportive and understanding. I trust him completely.

Just really unsure how swab tests have never shown positive for Chlamydia but I have the antibodies in my blood. I'm really scared I've now got blocked tubes or something, or that the swab tests all lied and I've had it for ages without knowing.

If anyone else has any stories regarding Chlamydia antibodies I'd be so grateful smile

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iRawra Mon 27-Jan-20 13:04:39

Anyone at all got any insight?

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physicskate Mon 27-Jan-20 20:21:44

I'd always heard (but never researched so this is purely anecdotal) that the test wasn't 100% accurate. It's very possible your immune system wiped out the infection, thus leaving you with antibodies (so your body would be able to fight it again if you became exposed again).

There's no telling if the infection did any damage (scar tissue) when you had it.

iRawra Tue 28-Jan-20 07:00:57

@physicskate thanks for replying. I'm wondering just that, as yesterday after I bumped this thread, my husband's current STI test came back negative for anything and he's NEVER had it in the past either, so I'm thinking I've either had it way in the past and antibiotics I've taken for something else have cured it or the test is wrong.

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willithappen Tue 28-Jan-20 15:53:41

I have tested positive for it in the past through swabs, never had anything brought up with bloods though I didn't know it could show up that way.

It's very likely they will offer you a HSG or Hycosy based on it. I have been offered the Hycosy because the internal scan didn't show any fluid build up so going Hycosy route.
They said I could either have it or not because either way regardless of the result we'd go straight on IVF waiting list (been trying years, and blocked tubes doesn't affect IVF as it bypasses it) but I said to go ahead with it as I'd like to know if there is any damage there

iRawra Tue 28-Jan-20 17:50:07

@willithappen thanks for replying. I'm sorry your journey has been unsuccessful so far and I'm hoping you get a BFP soon.
I've got a transvaginal ultrasound on Monday, as well as a pap smear and swab test for current Chlamydia and gonorrhoea. DH came back negative for any current STIs so I will be confused as hell if I come back positive for current infection.

I'm thinking they will refer me for the HSG or HyCoSy like you said, just due to the antibodies being in my blood and us not catching. However, I've had a viable pregnancy which ended in termination before with a different partner and that was after the last time I've taken antibiotics (which would have been the last time it was possible for me to have an active Chlamydia swab) so I'm wondering if its DH that has an issue or we've just been really unlucky the last year.

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willithappen Tue 28-Jan-20 21:09:19

@iRawra your position sounds very similar to mine and I'm the same, had a pregnancy before but I'm still worried there could have been some growth there and want it checked just to be sure

My partner had an SA done, everything fine except 1% morphology but the doctor said it wasn't an issue and they wouldn't class that as male factor. I'm unsure however. If my tubes are clear then I'll be confused as I have had pregnancy before and feel they should look into the morphology but they won't

auslass Tue 28-Jan-20 21:15:55

Its hard to confirm by a blood test if you had it bad enough to affect your fertility.

The only way to tell would be an invasive procedure to look at your fallopian tubes. I didn't have this issue, but did have fertility issues. His preference was to not bother with looking at my tubes but to instead to straight to IVF.

If you're clear of the virus and still have issues IVF is probably the less invasive compared to them getting a camera in there. And they may end up recommending IVF anyway.

Hope things work out well for you! Its a rollercoaster that's for sure x

iRawra Tue 28-Jan-20 21:41:47

@auslass maybe it's to do with the individual issues as to what they choose to do. All of my hormone tests have come back normal so far and I know I can get pregnant, still waiting for DH to do SA and for my ultrasound next week. I'm still hoping we catch naturally as I want to keep it as natural as possible and not have to take loads of hormone drugs. It took my body nearly a year to start having normal cycles after the pill

@willithappen crazy that they won't look into the morphology if they can't find anything the problem on your end. Have you looked up ways of improving it online, supplements etc? I've got DH on zinc just in case so far and will look into more things if the need arises.

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