IVF with low AMH

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LongtermTTC Fri 24-Jan-20 10:44:56

Hi, I’m nearly 38 and hubby and I have been TTC for 14 months. I’m currently on my third cycle of letrozole, this month with a trigger shot too (as still didn’t ovulate with letrozole alone). Planning on trying that for another couple of months before we look into IVF but I have an AMH level of only 3.9 so have been warned that I will not respond as well and it may not yield many, if any, eggs. Just wondering if anyone else had any experience of IVF with low AMH? If I wouldn’t respond well I’m not sure how much more successful it would be than continuing to try and get my body to ovulate and conceive naturally on the letrozole / trigger shots combo (without the £5k bill!)

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Fri 24-Jan-20 12:25:50

You would be better choosing a clinic which specialises in treating women with low AMH (many have a cut off at which they won't agree to treat you) - perhaps speak to Create

I would say however that you shouldn't worry about "numbers" too much.
I did two full cycles of IVF with ICSI last year - got 12 egg each time but rubbish quality, low fertilisation and only 2 average quality blasts each time

I've now changed protocol completely as I really don't believe the body is designed to cope with forcing so many eggs at one go (especially in late 30s early 40s) so went with natural modified IVF this time with a view to only getting a couple of eggs - my first collection out of a 3 cycle package they collected 2 - both fertilised and both really good quality.

I would recommend doing a 3 cycle package with low AMH as you can then freeze a few and the clinic will have a few to choose the best to transfer from x

Leala20 Fri 24-Jan-20 13:14:42

The numbers and percentages and averages can either be encouraging or scary and if scary they add more doubt and stress that doesn’t help. I know that specialists use the data as this helps forecasting success but it’ s also based on averages and we are all different and there’s this whole thing of mind body spirit that there’s so much we still don’t know that can influence a positive outcome against the odds. I have a lower than yours and that is an average one for a woman 7 years older than me but I know there’s women that age who still have higher too so yes it’s sll very disheartening but it means it will be just more difficult but not impossible for sure. I agree look at the clinics that welcome results like this and offer hope. I still have my own belief I may fall pregnant naturally and it may happen I will never lose this hope but also trying alternatives to assist me as we know all want to ensure we have done all we could.

HJF84 Fri 24-Jan-20 14:03:26

I have a low AMH and I went for Mild IVF with Create. Like @itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted I went for the three cycle package and we managed to get four embryos. It's definitely worth going for quality over quantity. The team at Create are so wonderful. I can't praise them enough. I just hope that I'm able to get a success story with them 🤞🏼

Ilikeviognier Sat 25-Jan-20 08:06:53

I did Ivf with an amh of 2.8 so lower than yours (I was 35). I only got 2 eggs- however 1 became an embryo and is now 5 eating his toast! Quality of more important.

Incidentally - can you ovulation your own? Why do you need the other drugs to ovulate? I’m asking because I got pregnant naturally twice - once within a month of trying so my ivf baby has a sibling 16 months younger than him! You don’t need Ivf if low amh is your only issue.

Good luck.

LL82 Sat 25-Jan-20 22:25:38

My AMH was about 4 (I was 35/36 yrs)I had two IVF /ICSI cycles...only got 3 eggs each time, but the second time was successful and my 10 month old is currently asleep in his cot. I used to read messages like this and wonder if it would really happen. Well it does.
Stay positive. I was successful with the NHS...took DHEA under drs recommendation x

LongtermTTC Thu 30-Jan-20 10:40:08

Thanks for all the words of encouragement and support - great time hear some success stories too. Am still hoping to conceive naturally (well, with letrozole and trigger shots) but going to visit a couple of clinics and chat to them about my options. Seems mild IVF is a positive way to go for quality over quantity so will look into it further.

@Ilikeviognier I don’t seem to be ovulating properly on my own, hence the letrozole and trigger shots but it’s still unexplained so they don’t really know why. If the trigger shot works this cycle and gets me ovulating then I’ll definitely look to keep trying without IVF for as long as they’ll let me but just trying to think 2 steps ahead!

@LL82 Congratulations on your little bundle of joy, glad you kept fighting 😊 What is DHEA, was that just prescribed during IVF or when you were TTC before IVF?


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Ails826 Wed 27-May-20 04:15:14

I am joining the IVF Club. One that none of us ever wanted to have to join, I am still letting everything sink in and trying to work out how we move forward into this all.
We started fertility treatment not long ago I am on my 3rd cycle on clomid even though i ovulate naturally.
'Unexplained' but suddenly last night we had our follow up meeting to see what we could do next I was fully expecting more clomid or IUI but bo she said she had concerns about my low egg count and we needed to get onto IVF right away and as spon as possible she spoke about having to do multiple rounds due to my low egg count if we wanted to get as many eggs as possible to freeze them for future pregnancies it all became so scary and real so quickly and it hit me so hard we had been focusing on my husbands sperm count being 3% over anything being an issue with me
I had my AMG levels tested in December they were 13.1
Then in january it was down to 9.7 and they all looked like numbers to me ! So im worried now
I am 29 years old healthy not got any health issues so its all come as a shock and now feels really rushed like a race against time
I had an ultrasound and it showed 18 folicals on side and 14 on the other and she said all looked perfect and normal

I have no ides what any of this really means starting IVF next cycle so mid June


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