New here...looking for Letrozole and Temping hints or tips

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TryingB Thu 23-Jan-20 14:38:20

Hi Everybody,

Im new to this forum and though i would introduce myself, let you know my long story and see what advice/tips you could offer.

I was dianosed with PCOS as a teenager and my cycles have always been pretty much non-existant

8 years ago me and my partner went to see the GP about fertility treatment and over the next 3 long years i had my tubes tested, 3 rounds of clomid with no results. i then had ovarian drilling followed by more clomid, still with no results. Next i was given injectables, these didnt work either so we got refered for IVF. During the wait for a referal my lovely partner managed to get someone else pregnant! He broke my heart and broke me...i thought my world had ended

Anyway fast forward 5 years later to now and ive been with my current partner for 18 months, we went to the gp a couple of months ago and got a new referal. We had our fist appointment at the clinic last week, she had all my notes from before. All the nhs fertility treatment in my area is subcontracted to a private clinic and what took months of waiting previously has happend very quickly this time :-) Anyway she has suggested we try letrozole as it can work well for people who are clomid resistant.

Has anyone had any luck with this when clomid hasnt worked?

Also i need to buy myself a thermometer, which apps do people use to track your temperature? Apps werent really a thing when i was doing this 1st time around!!

Thanks and looking forward to getting to know you all


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LongtermTTC Fri 24-Jan-20 10:23:22

I’m on letrozole but different circumstances - just wanted to reply to say that your ex sounds like a total d1ck and glad you’ve found a better one to go through this with now. Best of luck with everything!

Apps wise - I tried a lot and now use Clue, not specifically for temperature tracking but you can do it on there. It’s free and you can track all kinds of things on there and look for trends.

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