Scans in the UK for IVF abroad

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Chillichutney1 Thu 23-Jan-20 10:25:39

Hi all, I’m planning to do a IVF cycle abroad sometime in the next few months - can anyone suggest where they got their scans done here in the UK? And how many they had here before flying out?

We have been told we would fly out on day 8 of the cycle so are daily scans necessary til then?

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DragonNight Thu 23-Jan-20 10:36:35

Totally depends where you live. Google it and you'll get local options. I've used Ultrasound Direct a lot.

Chillichutney1 Thu 23-Jan-20 10:51:51

Sorry completely forgot to mention, I’m in London!

Thanks I have googled, lots of options and wide range of prices, just wondering if anyone has any personal experience eg ease of getting appt times and also how many scans they needed..

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EarlGreyT Thu 23-Jan-20 21:38:26

* We have been told we would fly out on day 8 of the cycle so are daily scans necessary til then?*

Probably not. You don’t normally need daily or even alternate day scans during the first week on stims.

My situation is slightly different as I’ve only had scans for FET and not for a fresh cycle so far fewer scans are needed. In terms of clinics, I’ve used the birth company on Harley street, ultrasound direct (they have loads of clinics all over the place), the GP surgery in Wimbledon and sonoworld. All are absolutely fine. I’d choose based on a combination of location, convenience and price.

Viletta Tue 28-Jan-20 00:10:14

I used baby bond private ultrasound (not in London but I am sure there must be something similar). It’s a place where ladies would go for their gender reveal or 3d scans. They had options of fertility ultrasound and endometrium check. Your clinic should tell you exactly when to scan. I found this option was much cheaper than going to a private hospital or fertility center.

EarlGreyT Tue 28-Jan-20 12:23:03

baby bond private ultrasound
This is the same company as ultrasound direct.

Maximoo06 Wed 29-Jan-20 19:20:57

I used the birth company on Harley street really easy at getting an appointment even when I had to have a scan on a Sunday morning


Chillichutney1 Thu 30-Jan-20 19:12:26

Thanks for the recommendations, they’re not the cheapest sadly but I am going with ultrasound direct as they are local to me.

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