Letrozole, trigger shots and uncontrollable sobbing...

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LongtermTTC Fri 24-Jan-20 09:55:23

Thank you @liveinhope100 - I’m hoping it’s just the trigger shot that’s messing with my hormones and turning me into a jibbering wreck at the moment and I’ll be back feeling sane again soon.

Best of luck with the IVF, it must be scary and a little bit exciting at the same time. When you’ve been stuck for a while it always feels like progress when you have something new to try - no matter how daunting or how much you tell yourself to keep your hopes in check but you’re right about trying to keep positive.

I’m sure all the pain and hardship will be worth it all in the end - guess we must believe that otherwise we wouldn’t keep going, right? x

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liveinhope100 Thu 23-Jan-20 09:49:53

Hi @LongtermTTC I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling so emotional. It really isn't fair at times and can take such a toll physically and mentally. I couldn't tell you how many times i've been sobbing all evening over the years!

I have been ttc over 2 years and i'm starting IVF in February. Again it's just scary knowing that it might not work and I could be in for another hard year but trying to stay positive.

It's good that you have a supportive husband and friends but I know what you mean - sometimes you just want to talk to people who are on a similar journey.

Good luck for your third cycle on Letrozole & trigger shot. I am assuming this is the best course of treatment for you if IVF may not work well. Try and keep positive but feel free to message if you want support/someone to talk to smile

LongtermTTC Thu 23-Jan-20 01:39:57

Hi guys, I’m new here 👋 Without going into all the boring detail of our journey so far I’m nearly 38 and my hubby and I have been trying for our first baby for 14 months now with no joy. Ovulation is intermittent at best so currently on third cycle of letrozole with hcg trigger shot before we consider the IVF route (although have been told I won’t respond well to IVF as have low AMH level).

I’m generally pretty pragmatic and level headed about things but just spent the last hour sitting on the kitchen floor crying about just how damn unfair it all is 😢 Although my hubby and friends are great and really supportive I guess it’d just be good to talk to other people who can relate so would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation who wants to chat x

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