TWW Jan/Feb 2020

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41trying Mon 20-Jan-20 18:01:43

This is for ladies in there TWW that would like to chat and have a little support!

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Feline123 Mon 20-Jan-20 20:23:18

Thanks for creating this thread smile

Any idea if sleeping position matters in tww? I’m sure I’m being paranoid, but is it ok to sleep on your side?! This tww really is sending me crazy lol

UnicornPuff Mon 20-Jan-20 20:55:17

Thank you @41trying

@feline123 I think sleeping positing is more about oxygen and blood flow which shouldn't be an issue this early.

When have your clinics said to test? Mine have said next Friday so 11dpt5dt which seems early but mine all seem to be slow growers so I almost want to give it longer!

Feline123 Mon 20-Jan-20 21:01:10

Also, another probably crazy question, how soon did you drive yourselves after ET? I’ve got to drive tomorrow (not far) and am worrying about it 🙄 I’ve been driven in the car since ET, but I’m worried the actual act of me driving will do harm, especially as it’ll be around potential implantation time! I’m overthinking this aren’t I? Lol

Feline123 Mon 20-Jan-20 21:04:14

@UnicornPuff mine have said to test at 10dp5dt which I thought was way too early too!

41trying Mon 20-Jan-20 21:07:39

Welcome ladies
I think this group is better as it must not be very nice for the others that haven't had the best outcome. I've been through it so totally understand.
@Feline123 I drove myself to and from clinic for ET, honestly it was like a smear
@UnicornPuff, I wouldn't think sleep position would matter this early.

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BambiOnIce80 Mon 20-Jan-20 21:07:55

Thanks for this @41trying 😊

I'm always sleeping on my side @Feline123 , so I really hope not! I'm pretty sure a good nights sleep would be helpful to implantation... that's what I'll cling onto anyway! 😴😄

My clinic tells us not to test @UnicornPuff, which is fine by me because I've seen enough BFN's to last me a lifetime 😏 They're doing my blood test on 9dp5dt though (next Tuesday), so thankfully not long to wait 🔮

Have you had anymore cramping @41trying ?

As far as symptom spotting goes, I feel completely normal today but I'm trying to not read too much into it (and failing, obvs 🙄). Thing is, my understanding of pregnancy symptoms is that they're caused by high progesterone from being pregnant... but we're on progesterone supplements, so I guess we won't be able to tell the difference! 🤷‍♀️ Maybe next Tuesday will be a long time coming after all! 😩

Feline123 Mon 20-Jan-20 21:11:07

@41trying I’ve had the ET on Saturday but just haven’t yet driven myself anywhere! But if you did it right after, then it must be ok 3 days afterwards! 👍🏻 I think I just need to chill out a bit lol

How are you all feeling? The progesterone is really starting to give me symptoms now - my emotions are all over the place at the mo lol

Feline123 Mon 20-Jan-20 21:13:07

@BambiOnIce80 we have the same testing day! I’m next Tuesday as well...although I’m having to test at home myself!

41trying Mon 20-Jan-20 21:13:23

@Bambi0nlce80 only very slight nausea for about 10 mins but no cramping today.
My OTD is 30th, which is so far away
Not sure if I will wait that long

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UnicornPuff Mon 20-Jan-20 21:23:35

@41trying that's only a day before me and I am sure you had ET about a week ago?

41trying Mon 20-Jan-20 21:31:39

@UnicornPuff, EC for me was last Monday but I had a day 3 as there was only one
@Feline123 oh yes, I know you did, your in this group lol, losing my mind I think.
Clinic have given my a test, then I have to call either way, not sure if they then will do bloods

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Feline123 Mon 20-Jan-20 21:50:26

@41trying haha blame the progesterone - I’m blaming it for everything at the moment 😂

Just had a friend text and ask to meet up ‘for drinks’ 🙄 the weekend after my testing day! I could easily come up with excuse not to drink but I don’t want to go out at all so close to testing time... just in case!! Plus I know I’ll be emotional for a while whatever the outcome so will just want to be at home! Now to come up with an excuse! Trouble is, this particular friend has asked twice before recently at really inconvenient times so I’ve already said no to her twice!

BambiOnIce80 Mon 20-Jan-20 21:58:00

Ah, so we'll both be losing our minds about this time next week then @Feline123 ?! 🤪😂 Let's see if we can keep each other sane, come what may 🔮😘

Could you hold off testing until the 28th @41trying ? That way @Feline123 and I will have your back 😉

I'm trying to work out the rationale for all the different test dates across all the different clinics 🤔 I'll only be 9dp5dt, which seems pretty early to me, no? But they reckon that if it's a positive blood test then the result is >50IU, so that'd very easily show up on a FRER (not that I'll be doing that - they twist my melon completely🍈😒). They reckon that an equivocal result is between 25 & 49IU, which would again show up on a FRER as a BFP 🤔 Sorry - I know I'm rambling 🤦‍♀️ You can see why I keep away from POAS! 🤯

BambiOnIce80 Mon 20-Jan-20 22:01:22

Can you just say that you've already got plans that weekend @Feline123 and offer her a date in a few weekends time (so that she knows you do really want to see her!)?

41trying Mon 20-Jan-20 22:09:57

Making excuses is so hard. I haven't had a drink since Sept last year.
I have a night out planned 8th Feb, so I'll say I'm on antibiotics or I'll be getting drunk on 2 drinks either way

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UnicornPuff Mon 20-Jan-20 22:12:27

@BambieOnIce80 is your 9dp5dt because it will be a blood test? I think even though it gets into your urine they even suggest FMU because it gets diluted. But in your blood it just is and time of the day hydration etc shouldn't affect hCG.

Rovera12 Mon 20-Jan-20 22:56:15

Hi all I am super late joining 😁.
My test date is the 30th 12pt5dt, I drove myself to church the day after transfer, I hope I am safe? I am not feeling any symptom yet, I will try to hold on till 9th or 10th before I test.

Rovera12 Mon 20-Jan-20 22:57:06

** I meant 9th or 10th day after transfer .

BambiOnIce80 Tue 21-Jan-20 07:32:36

@UnicornPuff I reckon that must be it 👍

Driving must be fine @Rovera12 - don't worry.x

Got a little bit excited last night because I woke up with a few little twinges... then realised it was just wind (! 😳) 😏 It's going to be a loooooonnng 7 days 😣

Rovera12 Tue 21-Jan-20 08:12:21

Morning ladies, is it ok to use hot water bottles for my feet? not any wear near my stomach though!! The last two night I have felt very cold on my feet and I used water bottles by putting my feet on it every few minutes .

UnicornPuff Tue 21-Jan-20 08:29:59

@Rovera12 my clinic just said dont overheat. I always use mine and have just switched to using it on my feet only when it is boiling and once it has cooled I have continued hugging it.

Haych1985 Tue 21-Jan-20 08:38:52

Thanks for this thread!

I'm new to mumsnet do bare with me!

I had my ET yesterday - we have a 2bb onboard.
On EC we got 9 but yesterday only had one to put back. So I'm feeling abit of pressure. I'm 35 now and it's taken us all 2019 to save for this ivf round!

Already driving myself insane.
Symptom checking. I just feel like just before my period comes. Niggling belly in the background.
I keep googling too
My test date given is 3rd Feb

Baby dust to you all star

Littlelot Tue 21-Jan-20 17:07:33

Little late to join but so glad this is here - I think I’m driving myself mad. I had FET last Tuesday so already 7 days of waiting in. Test day is Saturday - also my birthday so lots of wine and cake planned if it doesn’t work. I’m feeling really scared though as we’ve done a natural cycle so I’m not taking anything. I’m almost expecting to be side swept by an early period anytime now. My stomach feels really tense but I know it could be period, pregnancy, nerves or wind 😳.

This is our last try following a FET and MMC in the summer. So fully understand the finality some posters have mentioned.

Got everything crossed for everyone.

41trying Tue 21-Jan-20 17:35:27

Welcome @Haych1985 @Littlelot to the TWW. I hope everyone is having an ok day so far?
I was reading today that afyer a 3 day transfer you can test 9dp EC, so I am going to get a couple of tests so I can so next week before my clinics test on Thursday morning, as I am so impatient

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