Just about the start IVF...but no sign of AF and not pregnant

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liveinhope100 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:37:29

I honestly can't believe this! I have been ttc for over 2 years. Finally decided to try IVF so was waiting for my AF to show and then I can start IVF treatment for my next cycle in February

No sign of AF at all! I have NEVER been over a week late in the whole 2 years I've been tracking. What is going on confused

I recently went on holiday and had a hard time with the food over there - barely ate anything. Do you think this could have caused my period to stop or be delayed?

Done two tests, both negative. Definitely don't think I'm pregnant.

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Leala20 Wed 22-Jan-20 00:00:01

I heard that you may need to do a blood pregnancy test as for some women due to hormone levels the home tests do not pick it up. It would be amazing news! I was 2 weeks late past Xmas and hopeful this was it but first time ever it was 15 days late. Called my nurse and she said it may be stress related that it happens though it hasn’t in the past.

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