Dry hair and skin on buserelin

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Littlebb2020 Sat 18-Jan-20 14:03:33

Week into down reg and my hair looks so brittle I had it trimmed before Christmas! My skin is also drying out and my lips are cracked.my normal moisturiser which normally does the trick isn’t working. Is this a common side effect?

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Apatosaurus20 Thu 23-Jan-20 09:21:36

I started buserelin on the 13th and I was feeling slight smug about how I was doing....until I woke up this morning, my eyes are irritated, my face is puffy and red and I’m hot! 😠 I have just finished microgynon which makes my skin and hair feel lovely so I think I’m on the slippery slope to feeling ultra haggard and brittle within a few days! 💜

Apatosaurus20 Thu 23-Jan-20 09:24:11

@Littlebb2020 I had reflexology on Friday and have booked weekly sessions for the next month. I’d never had it before but I felt really calm and relaxed afterwards for a couple of day’s, maybe worth a try? Good luck, and I hope you’re feeling a tad better x

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