how many tests has anyone been through in terms of fertility?

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MOGMOGMOG85 Fri 17-Jan-20 19:48:18


I'm confused about the process of finding out what is going on with my fertility.

I've been trying since April 2018 to conceive. I did fall pregnant in July 2019 but miscarried in September 2019.

I have had the 2 blood tests and my hormone levels are good. I have previously temped for 2 years (to monitor my cycle) and I always get a temp raise approx. 13 days before my period.

I also did the ovulation tests once and got a positive also 13 days before period. I'm going to do the ovulation tests again just to check I'm still ovulating since my miscarriage.

My periods are regular, I have no symptoms to worry about.

An ultrasound did show that I have fibroids and I'm waiting to find out more about that. I know at least one is large - roughly 5-7cm but don't know where it is. I know I can implant because I did after 16 months of trying but I am frankly concerned that is a long time.

I did contract an infection through insertion of IUD approx 9 years ago. I was in a lot of pain and bleeding heavily for about 18 months before it was discovered I had actinomycosis and was given a course of antibiotics. Any time I mention this to a doctor they basically say "the womb is magic and heals itself", but I do remember I was in a lot of pain at the time and bleeding every day...

My partner had his sperm test and it came back as 6%.

Anyway, my question is what happens after my fibroid ultrasound to find out more (ie how big, how many, where they are etc). What other tests have people undergone?

Many thanks in advance - and apologies for the broad question. I am basically worried what if there is nothing obviously wrong but there is something wrong that I would require a more in depth test to discover...

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sat 18-Jan-20 18:44:31

Hi OP the fibroids are certainly going to be affecting things and I would think the doctor will recommend they are removed

As for wombs being magic and healing themselves most people I know who have had infections or D&Cs ended up with some residual damage to their womb either adhesions or ashermans

Just because you get a temp rise doesn't mean you have ovulated - temping is notorious for not always giving accurate results by the nature of how/when you have to temp. Also just because you had a positive OPK on cycle day 13 that one month doesn't mean that you always ovulate on that day. I have very regular cycles and can ovulate any time between cycle day 12 and 17 - if you are only mama going sex one or two times in that window you can see how easy it might be to miss your ovulation

I've had loads of tests but only due to recurrent miscarriage and then moving onto IVF

MOGMOGMOG85 Sun 19-Jan-20 15:07:40


Hi there.

Re: fibroids I'm waiting for a referral appointment to come through with the gyno to find out more, but here is what I know so far from my GP and the registrar at the hospital (from my MC) - fibroids are actually an unlikely cause of infertility, only 1-2% of infertile women. However if they are large, multiple, or in the wrong place they are more likely to cause a problem, and I have at least one large one and I think multiples (don't know where they are yet, fingers crosse for more info soon). I've seen women online who have given birth with multiple really big ones, like twice as big as mine, so it's a bit of a lottery. In terms of fertility the main problem is that they can draw too much blood and prevent implantation, but I was told by the nurses to take heart that I definitely implanted with my pregnancy last summer and that shows I can. What everyone I have spoken to has said is that they almost certainly wouldn't recommend removal if fertility is the main goal. This is because the op itself risks infertility by scarring of the womb, infection, or the risk of emergency hysterectomy through haemorrhage (they seem to be very bloodthirsty damn growths). Anyway, I may consider it if I was told or it became clear the fibroids were not going to let me conceive at all. At the moment having fell pregnant 6 months ago which so far we can only assume was just one of those unfortunately common early miscarriages, I'm def not making any surgery decisions, and I'm just trying my best to be patient and assume that I can get pregnant, but it may take longer than most (it was 16 months the first time).

Its a good point you make about the womb not being magic - I have been a bit annoyed to be dismissed so far when I've mentioned my previous infection - perhaps as I get down the line with investigations I will get a bit more pushy to find out more. Out of interest do you know how I would find out about scarring? What is the procedure? Do you know anyone that's done it and what it's like?

Re: ovulation, it wasn't just temp temp spikes but a sustained difference between the first half of my cycle and the second, so I'm inclined to feel positive about that. I've also had my blood tests done at day 4 and day 21 which confirmed normal hormones/ovulation. But because my cycle seems a bit odd post-miscarriage I am going to do ov tests this month just to check in what's happening. Don't worry I do know that ovulation day varies, I meant that the period after ovulation to period is regular. For example if I ov on day 15 I have a 28 day cycle, if on day 14 its a 27 day cycle etc. I am pretty regular and it's usually 28 or 29 days, but can vary between 27 and 30 too. It's a dodgy question to ask a stranger but how often do you try? I've not done the ovulation tests every month because I prefer to take some of the pressure off on the actual day of ovulation and just assume I'll be ovulating between day 14 and 17 roughly. So we usually start trying around day 10 and just make sure we do it every couple of days through to about day 17/18, more if we're feeling really eager, less if OH is stressed on a particular day (trying for almost 2 years takes it's toll!) but on average every 2 days. I have been wondering if I should start trying more regularly like every day from day 14-17 given that is the vastly likely day i'll be ovulating? Weirdly on the month I did conceive we literally dtd day 12, 14 and 16 which is the least effort we've ever put in (it was the month of OHs sperm test so we had to abstain after day 16) - sods law!

I'm so so sorry to hear about your recurrent miscarriages - in my experience just one has been absolutely heartbreaking and I'm sending many hugs to you sad it's all so cruel and unfair isn't it... how are you getting on now - are you starting IVF soon? xxx

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sun 19-Jan-20 18:06:14

Re the womb scans you can have a hysteroscopy which 3D scans inside your uterus and that should show scarring or a HSG looks at whether the tubes are blocked or not - I think these are the only tests available which doesn't involve actual surgery unfortunately!
In terms of how much sex 🤣 every other day is usually recommended from around cycle day 8/9 depending on cycle length until day 18 but if I'm honest I used digital clear blue dual hormone tests which indicate when you get the LH surge and would generally concentrate efforts on those 3 or 4 days but I would say on average no more than 2 or 3 times during that fertile period

I lost both my tubes to ruptured ectopics in the last 2 years alongside recurrent miscarriages - we are just about to start a next cycle of IVF (our 4th) having frozen a couple of embryos from our last cycle!

Infertility is just so soul destroying crap isn't it!

MOGMOGMOG85 Sun 19-Jan-20 21:14:49

@itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted I can't believe the amount you must have gone through... I'm sending out my most positive thoughts and strength for your next cycle!!!! You are already one tough mumma to be still keeping that hope alive after all that!

Thanks for the info - I feel reassured about the amount we are trying now. Will be interesting to see what the ov strips say this month. I bought them so long ago I've forgotten the instructions but I reckon it was to take them in the afternoon/evening not first thing in the morning is that right?

Anyway godspeed and I'll be crossing my fingers for both of us, but especially you in this next round xxx

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