Anyone else with abc??

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Needtotalkivf19 Sun 12-Jan-20 20:23:46

Is anyone else having, had or starting treatment with abc?? If everything goes to plan we should be starting our first cycle with them in February. And was wondering if anyone’s got any advice/ stories.
Thanks in advance.

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FlapJackered Sun 12-Jan-20 21:33:34

I am currently going through my first cycle with ABC bristol. So far they have been amazing, loads of monitoring and very kind. I am going for Egg collection on Wednesday all being well, so obviously yet to see the results but so far I am really impressed especially as the price is much more reasonable.

Needtotalkivf19 Sun 12-Jan-20 23:24:43

Thanks for your reply, it’s nice to hear that you are impressed by them. If you don’t mind me asking what drugs have you been taking?? And how long as the process been from day1 of your cycle?? fingers crossed for Wednesday and good luck xx

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FlapJackered Mon 13-Jan-20 08:02:46

It is day 14 of my cycle and I started taking the stimulation medication on cd2, so egg collection will be day 16 and then hopefully embryo transfer 5 days after that 🤞🏻
I was on 125iu of bemfola then also cetrotide to stop ovulation so far. The injections are much easier than i thought they would be.
Good luck with it all!

Needtotalkivf19 Mon 13-Jan-20 09:40:48

Thanks for getting back to me, it great to talk to someone going through it. The nurse we saw told me it would only be 12days of meds so it good finding these things out now like it may go on longer. As I feel planning everything around work and the distance is going to be the hardest thing.

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FlapJackered Mon 13-Jan-20 19:07:37

It is tough as things can change depending on how you respond to the meds. This morning I had another scan and they have delayed my egg collection to Friday.
I was put on too low a dose to begin with so I think it has been particularly long for me. Hopefully it will be more predictable for you.

Needtotalkivf19 Mon 13-Jan-20 21:03:00

Sorry to hear thing are not going to plan butit good to hear they are doing something about. Have you got a scan later in the week now?? Xx

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FlapJackered Tue 14-Jan-20 09:42:12

Yes I have a scan tomorrow which will hopefully confirm that Friday is the day. Fingers crossed!
Good luck with your cycle when it comes. If you have any questions let me know. xx

Nimz86 Tue 14-Jan-20 15:48:14

I’m with ABC the Harley street clinic. Sadly it’s not worked for us, first transfer was a BFN and the 2nd ended in a miscarriage at just under 10weeks.

I’m hoping to go again around February/March but I’m researching other clinics as they won’t be changing my protocol at all which worries me as the last two didn’t work on the same treatment plan.

Good luck to you, let me know if you have any questions!

DobbieFreeElf Thu 16-Jan-20 18:43:30

Hi guys, we’re just about to start our first round of ivf with abc. Meds are arriving tomorrow and due on early next week so I guess the next couple of weeks will entail many drives to and from London (2 hour round trip) but fingers crossed it’s worth it. Swinging wildly between excitedly optimistic and depressingly pessimistic...

Needtotalkivf19 Thu 16-Jan-20 22:26:02

Good evening, sending you lots of good luck. We are going for how treatment plan appointment next week and hopefully should be starting in February. We are with Manchester abc. Which is a 4 1/2 hour round trip if traffic not bad (really not looking forward to that part) I am feeling like the closer it getting the more excited and nervous I’m getting too. This is my first cycle to don’t feel know what to expect just what people and doctors have told me.
Finger crossed and good luck xx

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DobbieFreeElf Fri 17-Jan-20 16:38:49

4 1/2hours! What a pain!

Well I have a fridge full of drugs! Let’s do this! 🤞

Needtotalkivf19 Fri 17-Jan-20 19:19:10

I’m hoping I can get the time off work so we can stay somewhere closer, so it one less thing to worry about!!
Do the meds have to been kept in fridge all the time?? If you don’t mind me asking what drugs have they started you on??
I bet it strange actually wanting your period to arrive. Xx

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DobbieFreeElf Fri 17-Jan-20 21:07:19

That sounds like a good idea especially as, having talked to a friend today, she said she felt pretty incapable of anything the last couple of days before and day after collection. And she’s a tough type so I know she wouldn’t be overegging it!

Bemfola (150) starting cd2 then cetrotide then ovitrelle. Then the progesterone pessaries. The 3 injection meds need to stay in a fridge (they’re even transported with ice to keep them between 2 and 8 degrees) the pills are ok out. Our bottom shelf is now a chemist!

FlapJackered Sat 18-Jan-20 07:56:08

Here was my fridge after receiving all the meds 😂 it's ok I don't need to eat!

4.5 hours is a long time but hopefully it won't feel as long when you know it's for such a good cause. Maybe you can stay up for some of them when you know you have to have a few scans? There are probably some decent air bnbs around there.

I had egg collection yesterday which was fine, feeling a bit sore but not too bad. I got 6 eggs, so I am just waiting for the call this morning to hear how many have fertilised. 😬🤞🏻

Needtotalkivf19 Sat 18-Jan-20 08:44:02

Ooo my, I didnt realise I needed to clear my fridge out haha.

So glad your egg collection went head yesterday and six eggs is great!! How are you feel today?? Hopefully not to rough.
Was you put to sleep for EC?? This is that part I’m most worried about the most has the nurse told me they don’t put you tosleep just sedate you, which may send you tosleep.
I’ve got my fingers crossed for you too!!!
Good luck and hopefully they don’t have you waiting to long before they ring xxx

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DobbieFreeElf Sat 18-Jan-20 09:59:24

Don’t worry about it @Needtotalkivf19 sedition is fine! It’s a bit weird waking up somewhere completely different and I always chat utter shite as I wake up but really the actual sedation is just like falling asleep 😊 Think to when you fell asleep last night, you can’t exactly remember when or how but by waking up this morning you just know that you did! If that makes any sense!

DobbieFreeElf Sat 18-Jan-20 10:01:06

@FlapJackered I’m sure I can ask at my first scan but the cetrotide, do you do that jab at the same time of day as the bemfola?

Needtotalkivf19 Sat 18-Jan-20 10:40:14

Thankyou dobbiefreeelf that reassuring to know, has long has I’m not awake, I was having visions of me been awake but just not feeling it xx

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FlapJackered Sat 18-Jan-20 14:48:04

Sadly only 3 have fertilised so I am keeping fingers crossed they all hang on! Embryo transfer is on Monday. 😬

@Needtotalkivf19 thanks lovely. I'm feeling tired today and a bit of cramping but definitely feeling more normal. Yes I was sedated. I was nervous but once you're out it is fine, I wasn't aware of much of it.

@DobbieFreeElf the cetrotide I took in the morning and bemfola in the evening. A tip for the cetrotide is make sure the needle goes all the way in, I was doing it too shallow and was getting a stingy, itchy rash afterwards! It was fine once I got that right.

Needtotalkivf19 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:35:51

3 is still good!! And remember it only takes one smile
If you don’t mind me asking did they decide on 3 day transfer before or just today??
Glad your feeling more yourself now, try and relax and enjoy the rest of your weekend, ready for Monday.
Sending lot of luck xxx

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DobbieFreeElf Mon 20-Jan-20 10:54:21

Any news @FlapJackered?

I started spotting yesterday (bang on time) so full flow should start today, just hope it’s before noon so I can count today as CD1 and start meds tomorrow! (The only time I’ve ever been praying for my period!)

FlapJackered Mon 20-Jan-20 11:07:22

Thanks @Needtotalkivf19 x

Clinic called today and all 3 are great quality so they have decided to do a day 5 transfer instead! 🎉
Fingers crossed they all hold on and we get some Frosties!

@DobbieFreeElf that is so exciting that you can get started now, keeping everything crossed for you!

DobbieFreeElf Mon 20-Jan-20 13:56:18

That’s awesome @FlapJackered! Exciting for you!

Not really sure what to do, at about 11am I went to the loo and had some proper red blood which I took as beginning of full flow, so I rang the clinic and booked my first scan (Friday) and was told to start bemfola tomorrow. I just put a pad in for now so I could keep an eye on my flow and it’s kind of stopped 🤷🏻‍♀️ But then again I wouldn’t usually be keeping such a close eye on it. I’d usually pop my cup in and just empty at the end of the day.

Should I ring the clinic and say this seems to have been a false start? Or should I wait til tomorrow morning and see what happens over the next 18hours?

Now I’m confused!

FlapJackered Mon 20-Jan-20 15:27:55

@DobbieFreeElf I personally would wait and see if it comes back today, if it doesn't I would call the clinic tomorrow morning and see what they think just to be on the safe side.
I have emailed them about so many minor things and they have been great at getting back to me and are very nice about it!

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