Letrozole/PCOS and a large paraovarian cyst

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MrsF1989 Sun 12-Jan-20 07:19:36


I was looking for some advice/ reassurance. I started taking Letrozole this month (alongside metformin), after being told I have PCOS. I went for my first follicle tracking scan and the nurse said this isnt going to be an optimum month because my one ovary is too full of cysts and my other one has a 5cm paraovarian cyst on it..... she also said it looks like my fallopian tubes are filled with fluid (which wasn't highlighted on my hycosys). I'm started to lose hope as I thought letrozole would help with PCOS but it seems like ot isnt. Anyone had anything similar and any success stories? The nurse was a bit blaze when I asked if it means I wouldn't ever get pregnant and said "not necessarily", so it's set my mind into overdrive 😥.

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