Nhs referral how does it work?

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Leala20 Sun 05-Jan-20 10:32:39

I have been referred to McNair Centre in Kings College and nearing me appointment dat, it’s been 3 months wait. As I am worried about time would you be able to tell me what is the expected timeline from there and is it women friendly as I am 39 or based on availability? Has anyone been to this unit before and do they carry out assessment and ivf or does the first appointment refer you for a private but funded ivf?

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EnglishRain Sun 05-Jan-20 16:22:59

Have you had any tests done yet?

sabtom Sun 05-Jan-20 18:51:44

I'm 39 (40 in 2 weeks) we started TTC in Jan 2019 and I went to my dr in June 2019 when nothing was happening. Did all the basic blood tests (same with OH) and got referred to this centre and had my first appointment in November. It was soooo busy in the waiting room and it was 4hrs after my appointment time that we got seen (!!!) Got sent away with a blood test for AMH and told to make an appointment for a HyCosy which couldn't be done because they stopped taking appointments till after the New Year (!!!) so now I have an appointment with the dr again on the 8th to get the results of the AMH but I'll have to call up again to make an appointment for my HyCoSy so god knows how long that'll be! Anyway, felt like a wasted 6 months getting sent away to do tests that could've been done all at once instead of doing one test and waiting for an appointment for the results and then doing a different test, waiting for the results etc. And now I'm turning 40 I no longer have funding for IVF 😔 - so expect a lot waiting for appointments confused

Leala20 Wed 08-Jan-20 22:27:11

@EnglishRain yes, I did the standard MOT - very low AMH and all good on husband's side, was told IVF only 3% in my case (but this is second clinic as the first even said they would not recommend it to me) so hoping NHS will have some solutions for me. Very hard to be positive if doctors are not despite me knowing the results are not amazing.
@sabtom I am so sorry - this does not seem right especially when we both are so close to the cut off and you would think they would speed it up for us due to this and natural timing due to age. It is disheartening but all we can do is try at the same time naturally. I find it hard to keep positive and not stress about this due to the time; but trying yoga and anyhting I think can help me, hard to not think about it and 'take it easy' - ha! how can you? In my case as private second doctor told me 3% not sure NHS in this case will want to help me, I will need to make a decision as for me even calculated averages of 3% is still a chance I do not want to lose so will fight for it and if have to go privately will have to work it out. Do you know if there is anything you think in retrospect could have helped to speed the time? Should I do the HuCoSy privately before, for example?

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sabtom Wed 08-Jan-20 23:09:36

@Leala20 I looked into a self funded HyCoSy but I couldn't find anywhere that does it without going through all the tests again, so I figured just be patient and wait till after xmas. I got my results from my AMH today which thankfully were good and the dr suggested I hound the clinic to get my HyCoSy booked, so first thing tomorrow I'm gunna be on the phone. After this test is done and everything seems to be normal I'll be looking into going private for IVF as soon as, I don't want to be wasting anymore time. thanks

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