Normal hcg level after ivf?

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Stacey2007 Fri 03-Jan-20 20:13:14

Hi everyone just wondering if anyone can tell me what sort of numbers they had back after there first blood test “ to confirm pregnancy after ivf? Iknow everyone is different

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Eggcellent29 Fri 03-Jan-20 20:18:15

394 with a singleton smile

YeezerDoxng Fri 03-Jan-20 21:22:10


Stacey2007 Fri 03-Jan-20 21:56:31

Mine was 208 and wasn’t sure if it was normal or low? Hospital said it’s fine but I worry lol

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SonEtLumiere Fri 03-Jan-20 21:57:49

How many days after egg collection

SonEtLumiere Fri 03-Jan-20 22:00:11

Have you been on

Stacey2007 Fri 03-Jan-20 22:00:38

I had to skip a month after egg collection as I was ill. So I had frozen transfer

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Persipan Fri 03-Jan-20 22:02:06

Take a look at - you'll probably get a good sense from that of the range of what you might expect.

shazzz1xx Fri 03-Jan-20 22:03:22

205 with Singleton x

Lemongrass1 Fri 03-Jan-20 22:10:39

143 at 13dp5dt with singleton after FET. Was told it was low but worked out ok. Good luck x

SonEtLumiere Fri 03-Jan-20 22:11:57

How many days were the embryos At freezing and how many days after transfer

Stacey2007 Fri 03-Jan-20 22:29:27

5dt and 10 days after transfer

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SonEtLumiere Fri 03-Jan-20 22:37:39

OK so 15 days after egg collection altogether.
Our friends at betabase say the median for 15 days is 139 and 207 for 16 days.
I would say it is absolutely fine, and that you will have a baby in September.

Betsyboo87 Fri 03-Jan-20 23:19:07

My clinic wanted to see anything over 100 at 10dp5dt so yours is great. Are you having another one in a couple of days? The most important thing is that it doubles at least every 48hrs and not the actual number. Congratulations!

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sat 04-Jan-20 06:32:21

9dp5dt- 14DPO - studies show Hcg 100+ has the best chance of going on to be a viable pregnancy

Stacey2007 Sat 04-Jan-20 07:01:19

Thanks everyone. No I have to wait till 20th for a scan, seems so far away 😂 x

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FingersXssd83 Sat 04-Jan-20 16:43:34

I'm with Care who haven't offered me a blood test. Have to wait until 7 weeks for a scan. I have no symptoms so anxious whether the pregnancy is progressing. Are you feeling any symptoms @Stacey2007?

Stacey2007 Sat 04-Jan-20 17:20:38

@FingersXssd83 really 😮 wow that’s not nice making you wait 😔😔 I haven’t really no. I’ve got really sore boobs. And I’ve not been sleeping well ( not sure if that’s got anything to do with it... have you done a home test then?

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Stacey2007 Sun 05-Jan-20 14:13:02

I’ve got what I can only describe as a burning sensation down there today ( like I’m going to start my period 😔😔😔 is this normal?

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SonEtLumiere Sun 05-Jan-20 14:13:57

Yes it is normal. Sore boobs are a great sign!

Stacey2007 Sun 05-Jan-20 14:24:13

The burning is normal too?

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Stacey2007 Mon 06-Jan-20 07:20:33

I’m sure my period is going to arrive today 😔 I hate this

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beibikeiks Mon 06-Jan-20 14:58:52

It very common and normal to have period like pain when you're pregnant!

I had that with my successful pregnancy but no cramps at all with my ectopic (not even bleeding) until it completely ruptured.

It's easier said than done to keep calm and try to relax, but I really hope you can 😊 Perhaps you can order a bloodtest privately for your own peace of mind?

beibikeiks Mon 06-Jan-20 14:59:44

@Stacey2007 I got your username wrong 🙈🙈

Stacey2007 Mon 06-Jan-20 18:03:08

Thankyou @beibikeiks I think I may try call see if I can go for a blood test. I’ve just done a test again and it’s a strong positive but still hasn’t put my mind at rest because it stays in your systems doesn’t it. I hope I’m just over reacting lol

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