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Dot457 Thu 02-Jan-20 18:32:26

Hi everyone.

Sorry if you've seen my name a lot on here lately, just needed to ask another question. I have received a copy of my file from our previous fertility clinic, so that I can send any information over to my new one.

I have an appointment with my new clinic next week and they've asked for my screening results (blood tests) otherwise everything will have to be done again. I'm happy for them to do it again but with the clinic being 1.5 hours from our house, I'd prefer one less appointment to speed up the process!

Anyway, my file is a bit mixed up and the screening results don't actually make any sense to me! However everything seems to be in there. Would it be acceptable to basically hand over my file and say everything you need is in there? It's a very big file tbh, problem Is I don't know what results they need exactly, and my previous clinic get a bit funny with me now that I'm not a patient. Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance x

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