Fertility Yoga West Yorkshire? Other suggestions welcome

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Dot457 Thu 02-Jan-20 10:54:55

Hey everyone.

Looking for some advice and suggestions. We are starting our second round of IVF in the coming weeks (Depending on periods) and I've seen a lot about fertility yoga and how they think it may have helped. I'm from Leeds but live in Wakefield, sort of borderline Leeds. Does anyone know of any classes/sessions in these areas please?

I'd try anything like this if it helped me have a successful pregnancy. If theres anything else you might be able to suggest that I can do to help then feel free to say! I probably don't exercise as much as I should these days, and I get bad chocolate cravings at night which is not good! Trying to curb it by drinking water, Green tea or snacking on nuts!

All suggestions welcome, thank you! xx

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PurpleBee39 Thu 02-Jan-20 15:13:21

Maybe consider going to a reflexologist who specialises in fertility treatments. You can find local ones by looking on the registered therapists website. I wish you every success.

Dot457 Thu 02-Jan-20 18:24:48

Thank you @PurpleBee39 xx

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Dandelion3 Thu 02-Jan-20 20:37:29

I used youtube for fertility yoga - I liked the "yoga yin" videos, I think she's Australian if you search yoga yin fertility yoga it should come up. I also had some acupuncture - I just found it helped relax me really more than anything else. Good luck xx

Dot457 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:30:13

@Dandelion3 - thanks so much! Never thought of that. Thats deffo what I need, just to be able to relax and my mind stop doing overtime. Thank you! xx

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physicskate Fri 03-Jan-20 08:06:12

I used 'the jade centre' in north Leeds for fertility acupuncture. I honestly believe it made the difference and we fell pregnant through ivf (albeit first cycle with unexplained infertility). Expensive, but highly recommended.

Dot457 Fri 03-Jan-20 17:30:44

Thank you @physickate I'll have a look into it xxx

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Mseddy Fri 03-Jan-20 22:38:33

It's a shame noone has recommended anywhere, I'm Wakefield too and would like to give fertility yoga a shot. I might give the you tube videos a try. I've got an appt at the end of the month with a nutritionist to try and help our next round. Every little helps!!

Dot457 Tue 07-Jan-20 17:51:26

@Mseddy - sorry that I've only just seen this. Hope the pp goes ok! Is this a special fertility nutritionist? Will it give you advise on the right foods for fertility? xx

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Mseddy Wed 08-Jan-20 17:06:04

@dot547 yeah, they are linked to Prof balen at Seacroft in Leeds. She's called Grace duggan. I've not had an appt yet, but from what I was told they take alot of bloods to look for anything out of the ordinary from like a vitamin and mineral point of view. Give you advice on what best foods to eat to boost fertility and what supplements will help. I can let you know more once I've actually had the appt

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