progesterone in wrong place..?

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Maggie272 Wed 01-Jan-20 21:48:44

Really struggling with the injections...gave it a bit low the last couple of nights and only noticed when I saw the marks you think it matters? I popped into my GP friday to get my bloods done and she said not to worry, that women give it in the wrong place all the time but they are still getting's just that she is not a fertility specialist and I'm so scared, every day, that I'm screwing things up.
Had my transfer on the 9th...BFP...bloods on Friday were better than expected, so if I've been giving it in the wrong place I'm hoping it's not making a difference....

hope all well xxx

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Maggie272 Thu 02-Jan-20 15:03:13

Just in case anyone else ever freaks out about still got into my blood stream and progesterone levels really good! Happy new year to all xxx

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