PCOS/Clomid/ovary pain!

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FruitTwistFanta Wed 01-Jan-20 13:32:48

Not sure if this is the right place for this but not sure where else to put it!

Been ttc for over 18 months now, took clomid for the first time last month. My period is due in a couple of days although I’m never regular, my last period was 3 weeks late so I’d be very surprised if I did have my period when it’s actually due. I’ve never been told I have PCOS but have many of the symptoms.

I’ve been having period cramps for the past week, and occasionally a sort of stabbing pain in my ovaries. Does anyone else have this? It feels like my period is going to start but It can last for weeks until I actually get my period. Because of these pains, I feel sure I’m not pregnant.

I’ve tried to google but not really finding much. It’s a cramp around my groin, hips and ovary and if I stretch or move too quickly I get a stabbing pain in my ovary. I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has this? Is it maybe a PCOS thing?


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BelleBox19 Fri 03-Jan-20 18:20:58

Hi @FruitTwistFanta

I don't have any experience of clomid but I do have PCOS (without the actual cysts) and I used to experience this on and off occasionally. Usually if I had been sitting down then stood up quickly etc. No idea how this works!

If you have PCOS symptoms I'd definitely push for investigations/tests. I went undiagnosed for years and had wrong bloods done etc. One doctor even refused to test me as I was 'not overweight'.

Good luck x

EnglishRain Sat 04-Jan-20 14:38:48

I have PCOS but have never had those pains.

I would also say if you think you have PCOS push for a diagnosis. I've been on metformin for 18 months and my periods were so much more regular and less painful.

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