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ttc2018andbeyond Wed 01-Jan-20 10:27:12

Ttc for 18 months and clinic said we would have 'unexplained infertility' if we haven't conceived by April. Had all the usual texts both dh and I and we are both 'normal' (whatever that means).

Clinic said I can have a HyCosy next but we wouldn't be able to ttc that cycle due to the risk of flushing out an embryo (unlikely given my track record!) and this has to be done between cd7-14. In every cycle in the last 18 months I have ovulated between cd17-25 so could I not still dtd after the HyCosy? In my head there is 0 chance of flushing anything out because I'm late to ovulate.

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JandL2020 Wed 01-Jan-20 10:53:01

Yes you can have sex after hycosy - would give a day then carry on as normal. I too ovulate around day 17 and asked the same question they were just very strict there was no chance you could be pregnant before. If you have no issues then this might help to ‘flush you out’ so I’ve heard it actually helps conception! I found the test absolutely fine expected it hurt X

DisneyGirl2387 Wed 01-Jan-20 10:54:39

When I had my HyCoSy we weren't allowed to ttc the cycle BEFORE the HyCoSy (if that makes sense. I had mine done early in cycle about CD7 and then we ttc for the rest of that month as normal. So you should be fine to carry on! Some people fall pregnant straight after the procedure as it flushes everything out. Sadly it didn't work for us but fingers crossed for you!

ttc2018andbeyond Thu 02-Jan-20 09:55:40

I thought so, thank you ladies. Chatted with the clinic for 5 minutes about it and they declared that I would ovulate before cd14 so it would flush anything out! I know my cycles extremely well after all this time but they don't believe you when you say that!

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