IVF “Consents” vs “booking” appointments?

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FlashesOfRage Mon 30-Dec-19 20:38:43

Hi guys 💖

I’m wondering if you lot have experience and can tell me the exact difference between a “consents” appointment and a “booking” appointment?

For context;
We’ve had all of our tests and should have been starting in Jan (neg rubella immunity is causing a delay now).

We are still due to see our consultant tomorrow for what has been referred to by the receptionist as a “consents” appointment. We have already completed and signed the wedge of forms in early Dec. So is this appointment just one where you go through them again with the consultant?

We were then going to have something called a “booking” appointment with a nurse around Jan 10th. What happens in this one with the nurse?

I’m worrying my head off that there will be more delays or no particular hurry to actually get started 😬 Thanks for any ideas you can give me xxx

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ChatWithMe Mon 30-Dec-19 20:42:45

I suspect that the doctor needs to sign off on the IVF plan first so the nurse then has the permission to go through in detail what will happen. It's like doctor headlines it and nurse gives you the fine print :-/ That's my experience at least x

Twickerhun Mon 30-Dec-19 20:46:17

I agree - you need to agree the protocol you will follow with the doctor and then the nurse will show you how the injections etc work.

FlashesOfRage Mon 30-Dec-19 21:45:17

Ok awesome 👏

So chances are I will at least find out tomorrow what type of cycle we’re doing, like long or short or mini etc and which exact drugs we’re using?👌

I think I can cope with that 😆

I’m a Biologist so I’ve gone out of my way to not deliberately learn anything about this bit or I know I’d try to be a control freak (and obviously fail)

Thank guys and if anyone else has experience to add, please do! X

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wearenotacodfish Mon 30-Dec-19 22:04:14

Have you done the ones about what will happen with any left over eggs etc? They are usually the consents. Have you sent the consultant before? I would be surprised if you got your protocol tomorrow that happened after the booking appointment on all our cycles.

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