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High hcg at 14dp5dt

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Lookingforit Mon 30-Dec-19 11:51:22

Hi ladies, I have had my second round of IVF, and I put back one embryo in a FET. I had a beta hcg that has come back at 3233 iu/l, which seems extremely high considering the range for week 4 (I was 4+5 on the day of the test) is 9.5-750, and for week 5, 217-7138. Has anyone else had such high readings so early on, and what happened? My clinic was abroad and no one is replying to my messages, I think they’re still on holiday...

shazzz1xx Mon 30-Dec-19 12:39:02

that’s a twin pregnancy number that from my previous ivf journey 👶👶

Betsyboo87 Mon 30-Dec-19 13:45:46

At 4+4 mine was over 1800 and doubling every 40 hours so could have been pushing 3000 by the next day. Clinic never said anything and I’m 14+4 today. I think the figures you have mean at 5 weeks it would be between 217-7138. If you are doubling every 48 hours (the average) you’ll be 6466 at 5 weeks so within the expected range.

LondonUnited Mon 30-Dec-19 13:48:36

I had this after a single transfer and it turned out that single embryo had split into identical twins! Those numbers are high. Good luck!

Zest11 Mon 30-Dec-19 17:50:07

Hi @Lookingforit congratulations on your bfp!! Don't read anything into the hcg levels except know that they are great! At 9dp5dt mine was 171 and by 14dp5dt it was nearly 4000!! I had the same worries as you and thought too high! The 7 week scan a few weeks later confirmed 1 baby. (I had convinced myself the embryo had split into two and it was identical twins). Just be reassured that high hcg numbers indicate a strong pregnancy. I hope the next few weeks until your viability scan go so quickly for you! And congratulations again! smilesmile

EarlGreyT Mon 30-Dec-19 20:58:31

What @Zest11 says.

Mine was 450 10dp5dt and 1500 12dp5dt (at 4+3). It was a single pregnancy.

It’s most likely the high number is indicative of a strong pregnancy rather than identical twins (the likelihood of which is about 2%). Also it’s the rate of increase of HCG which is usually a better indicator of whether it is twins than a single high HCG reading.

Lookingforit Mon 30-Dec-19 23:14:52

Thank-you so much ladies. This gives me so much to think about. While the idea of twins is lovely, I can’t help but worry as I’ve read ID twins after IVF means a riskier pregnancy. I will go for a scan next week and hopefully know.

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