Has anyone else had the 'Greek tests' as Serum or similiar?

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EL8888 Mon 30-Dec-19 01:09:44

We have unexplained infertility, every test we have had so far has been fine. Recently we had some IVF which failed. Not sure what to do next but reluctant to spend money, when we don't actually know what the problem is. I have heard of the 'Greek tests' and l wondered if anyone had had these done at Serum or elsewhere?

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twinkledag Wed 01-Jan-20 00:58:45

I have - what do you want to know?

EL8888 Wed 01-Jan-20 07:20:53

Did the shed any light on your issues? How much did it all cost? Thanks in advance

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Wombatstew Wed 01-Jan-20 07:26:52

Yes I have but it was sometime ago (9yrs). I would sugg

Wombatstew Wed 01-Jan-20 07:28:00

Sorry posted too soon I would suggest you join fertility friends forum and look at the serum board masses of information on there. Good Luck.

EL8888 Wed 01-Jan-20 11:10:05

Ok. I probably need to persevere with Fertility Friends -l don't find the website layout as very user friendly

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Iwouldbecomplex Wed 01-Jan-20 13:34:37

I recently did the Hidden C and infection tests. Cost £200 and was pretty easy to do. Showed I had ureaplasma which they gave us both antibiotics for and I now take a good probiotic to help prevent it coming back.

If you want to know anything specific let me know.

Iwouldbecomplex Wed 01-Jan-20 13:40:41

Also make sure you've explored all other avenues - the NHS fertility testing isn't that comprehensive so they might have missed something. You could consider looking in to:

Level 1 immunes (most can be done via your GP
Level 2 immunes ('Chicago' tests)
Coventry biopsy
Greek tests
Spent DNA fragmentation

Some would usually not be something you'd have done until you've had a few failed cycles just because of the expense and the likelihood that the thing they're testing for is the problem (eg karyotyoing and level 2 immunes), but if I were you I would do my research on each thing and at least you can make an informed choice then.

EL8888 Wed 01-Jan-20 14:28:03

I’ve had NHS tests and private tests with no issues flagged up. Greek tests seemed like a different avenue and not as expensive as Chicago tests. We have a few embryos in the freezer and after that lm done. So there is no point in spending thousands on tests, when realistically l don’t want to do any more IVF etc.

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twinkledag Fri 03-Jan-20 16:06:15

Mine came back all clear.

I'm sorry but I can't remember the cost.

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