New IVF cycle after failed transfer

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Simz01 Sun 29-Dec-19 22:17:29

Hi Ladies,

Wondering how long others waited before starting new cycle after a failed transfer (I got BFN this month) and am keen to go again. Curious how long others have waited , reasons please x

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Mseddy Sun 29-Dec-19 22:40:53

Hi. I had a failed cycle end of November. My plan was to go again after 1 normal bleed so start again with my bleed end of Jan. But then I saw the consultant and he convinced us to make some supplement changes and wait a few months. I guess it depends if they have any idea why your cycle may have failed. Mine was poor egg quality, so waiting a few months and trying to improve that may help

Simz01 Sun 29-Dec-19 22:56:02

Thank you ! I have had one frozen cycle and fresh cycle so far. Frozen resulted in positive , but a miscarriage / chemical unfortunately and this fresh round was a negative.

I’ve been told I had very good quality embryos in both cases, but for both I got 6 eggs at EC, and 2 made it it to day 5. Both times I only have one to transfer (one didn’t thaw and for fresh round other embryo was not good enough to freeze). So not sure if this is egg quality, protocol , or getting less eggs / embryos due to age (I am 37). I guess I am keen to go again due to age too x

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