another failed cycle...

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luisana Sun 29-Dec-19 01:39:34

I'm back here again after my 3rd IVF cycle failed...
It just astounds me, some people's capacity for baby-making...

A couple of mnths ago my SIL announced her pregnancy. One of my close friends told me at Christmas she's expecting... During our TTC she has already conceived & had one little boy. Now we've found out she's 14 weeks pg again. She's lovely and I do feel happy for her... But I can't help feeling completely devastated at how incredibly easy it is for some people. They just seem to churn out baby after baby. And here are my DH and I, with our baby names picked out. TTC #1 for the last 3 years, 3 failed IVF cycles, not one BFP. I even have the whole nursery planned in my head!

Feel free to vent here about the same topic, I know it is an ongoing issue for most of us.

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EL8888 Sun 29-Dec-19 01:43:49

Sorry to hear it failed x

Yeah, tell me about it! We have been trying for over 1.5 years, an acquaintance of mine in that time got pregnant, had him and is now pregnant again. It’s alright for some 🙄

CammieD9 Sun 29-Dec-19 19:02:37

Sorry to hear your cycle failed. This is the stuff I find really hard to deal with. It's constantly in the back of my mind that all our friends and family are ttc/pregnant/having babies/thinking about baby # 2, etc. It seems that ttc is so easy for them. They don't seem to have any trouble conceiving... The painful thing is they're having children, while we are still ttc baby #1. It's so depressing.

I too have my baby names picked out. And for the past 1.5 years, 2 of them were used by someone close... This is just an additional reminder that drags me further down. I hate it whenever DH's mum calls to tell that another relative or child of her close friend is pg. While I am happy for them it just bloody hurts. I too have everything sorted. I know what furniture, pram, the color scheme I want but it all just seems so damn impossible.

I met a client today who has a 3-year-old, a 16month-old and is 8 weeks pregnant... How do they do it?

Thanks, I needed the vent! We all know how you feel. Sending you hugs x

jjjen Mon 30-Dec-19 00:02:43

So understand. I have been lapped so many times now. Been lapped twice by SIL and also once by almost everyone else. Seems to be a never-ending stream of pg announcements. I have a friend avoiding me at the moment because I am pretty sure she is PG and doesn't want to give me the news.

I don't plan. I have names that I like, but I don't even entertain thoughts of nurseries, clothes, prams etc. Too jinxy for me. We have a short list of names but there is no way I can think about clothes or nursery furniture or any of that.

dinaff Mon 30-Dec-19 00:09:19

I totally get it. I've been lapped twice by both SILs. I hate getting together for family events now. We took the dog with us last time. I just wanted to cry because someone said that was our new baby and everyone laughed. Well she is my baby, but when you're infertile, such "jokes" hurt. I don't think they meant it the way it sounded. I hope not anyway. Several friends have lapped me as well. I think it's similar to what @jjjen said... They avoid telling me until the last possible minute which hurts just as much.

lorraddu Mon 30-Dec-19 00:13:28

Pretty much most of my friends have children or are pregnant. One of my 'friends' once told me she was scared about telling me she was pregnant with her second because she had 'beaten me twice now'... Why do people do that!!??? Don't they have a brain!?? Another of my friends avoided me throughout her whole pregnancy because she felt bad...

While everyone seems to be sending their kids to school, decorating their nurseries or dealing with teenagers, I seem to be wondering more and more when my life is really going to start?? Or if that stage of my life actually will!!?? It just sucks!

The worst thing is that people falling pregnant is so out of control... It's so not fair!

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