First cycle and we're pregnant

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Tilpop Sat 28-Dec-19 21:16:16

Hi everyone

I'm new here. A bit about us. We have been married 5 years together 7 and been on IVF treatment the past 3 years. I've had numerous operations. Bloods, drugs you name it. 30th October we had our transfer and now WE ARE PREGNANT!!
I'm 11+1 today and couldn't be more happier. I feel like the last 3 years have been so hard and difficult and I was so proud to get our BFP.

My SIL has two beautiful boy's 4 and 6 and everyone dotes on them totally. They can do no wrong.

Xmas eve she told us she was expecting her third. I know she had been trying the last 4 months while I have been on my IVF drugs.

I can't help feeling a little upset, she never takes an interest in me ever but has been asking about scans and dates etc. I feel kind she's done it because she can't bare not to be the centre of attention. I feel wrong thinking this way 😔

My DH thinks it's great but I've felt like such a failure while she has already had two that I just wanted some time for people to accept our little bundle first. I don't know how to move forward. Any ideas please?
Thank you xx

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PurBal Sat 28-Dec-19 21:23:01

Each human being is a joy. Your little bundle won't be appreciated any less. Congratulations.

juneybean Sat 28-Dec-19 21:43:38

You're pregnant, don't dwell on your infertility any longer, you have the thing all of us in this area would love smile

Maggie272 Sat 28-Dec-19 21:44:27

Oh, I understand...but there's nothing you can do except to focus on your own wellbeing, wish her well, and cut her out of your thoughts. The whole process is incredibly stressful and takes a toll on your mental and emotional health. Anyone who hasn't been through IVF doesn't understand, so we have to understand for them (I think anyway!). Life's too short, and you've come so far...stay focused on your little one. Congratulations!!!!

Tilpop Sat 28-Dec-19 21:53:52

That's exactly what I have done and will continue to do. ❤️

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kell2126 Sat 28-Dec-19 22:17:03

what you've overcome is incredible. she will never be able to comprehend what you've gone through and what you're feeling, and her being pregnant too detracts nothing from your achievement. Huge congrats x

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