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CarolineCS Tue 24-Dec-19 17:05:06

Hello! I’m in the process of gaining weight after losing periods due to low body fat and over exercising. I’ve been using clearblue opk for around 3 weeks and for the last week I’ve had flashing smiley faces and feeling very bloated and crampy. I’m wondering if these flashing smiley faces don’t turn into a solid then when should I stop testing?

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Moomin37 Wed 25-Dec-19 06:22:21

Hello there - I never really had any luck with ovulation sticks but wanted to drop by to say I have recovered from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and to flag up the 'No Period Now What' book by Dr. Nicola Rinaldi and Facebook group in case you haven't come across this!

CarolineCS Wed 25-Dec-19 16:13:39

Thanks Moomin37 😊! I’m half way through the book now and finding every word applies to me, it’s amazing. How long have you been recovered and if you don’t mind me asking are you still TTC?

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Moomin37 Thu 26-Dec-19 12:50:41

@CarolineCS Really glad you've found the book and it's useful (it was strange finding out loads of other people think and behave like me!). I've had eight recovery periods now (roughly 28-30 day cycles). I came off Yasmin (pill) in July 2014 and had a withdrawal bleed but then didn't get a period until 386 days later (post lap and dye) and never again until May this year. I was diagnosed with HA in January 2015, had one round of Clomid and three rounds of Menopur the last of which was successful and got pregnant in April 2016. I'm still breastfeeding and rejoined the gym in August but only go when I have the energy (rather than forcing myself as I would have done in the past) and don't stay very long, but exercising makes me feel so much better physically and mentally smile What's your story, if you're happy to share?

CarolineCS Thu 26-Dec-19 20:04:49

@Moomin37 that’s really interesting. My doctor is going to refer me on to a gynaecologist in January and I guess we could discuss Clomid/Fermara as a possibility if I can’t do it naturally. I do feel quite different though even after only one month. I’m about to turn 34 though so she seemed keen to move things on quickly for me. I lost my period about 2 1/2 years ago after going mad for the diet and gym pre wedding. At the time my previous doctor said I would still be ovulating and nothing to worry about! It was only when we decided to start trying and I began investigating opk kits etc and listening to a few podcasts that I realised what was actually going on. I should’ve looked into it much sooner but the previous doc told me what I wanted to hear and I loved my hiit and weightlifting so couldn’t stand to give that up. Trying just light weights and yoga at the moment in the hope I can get away with that. Definitely doing FAR less that I was before and already gained about 6kg. Feels awful but sticking with it!

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goingtoneedabiggercar Thu 26-Dec-19 20:09:49

Hi @CarolineCS I lost my periods because I'd gained an awful lot of weight. Once my periods came back I started testing with ovulation strips. Until then I had some symptoms to suggest I was ovulating. I never got two lines as dark as each other but I was actually ovulating. I didn't use clear blue ones so can't comment there.

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