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BewilderedBee Sun 22-Dec-19 00:44:09

I've read this online

Patients presenting for their first IVF/ICSI cycle must wait for a minimum of twelve months before treatment as many will conceive normally during this period. This is applied by all the clinics providing a service to Welsh patients.

Does anyone know when the 1 year starts? Is it date of GP referral? Date of referral for IVF from consultant?

We've been TTC since Oct 2018, referred to a fertility clinic, had various tests and see the consultant for the first time in January. We've been to the fertility clinic in Shrewsbury.

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ChocolateGateaux84 Sun 22-Dec-19 08:48:14

What if your a gay couple or have no tubes, or male factor infertility like azoospermia?
Making natural conception impossible?

I had numerous cycles with the NHS clinic in Wales.
Awful experience and be midfield that the Cardiff clinic has the lowest success rates in the uk.

BewilderedBee Sun 22-Dec-19 14:32:22

There is far more information in the policy

I'm just curious to know for us. I know if we're unexplained there will be 2 years before we can be referred for IVF. If they find a reason to explain why we haven't conceived, I'm curious to know the times we'll have to wait... and when the year wait kicks in. On Shropshire and Mid Wales fertility Clinic website and in the paperwork w recurved it states a minimum wait for treatment for Welsh patients. I'm just not clear on when the 1 year wait begins! Hope that makes sense!

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RyvitaBrevis Tue 24-Dec-19 11:00:48

The one year starts from referral, but not sure whose referral or if it matters. If unexplained fertility, the 2 years includes from when you started TTC. So if unexplained, you would be looking at Oct 2020 at the earliest to start an actual cycle. Having said this, the time it takes them to do blood tests, paperwork, investigations and have the necessary appointments could take you to Oct 2020 anyway, and there can be all sorts of delays on the NHS. For example, my first cycle was delayed an extra month because of staff shortages. I did not have unexplained infertility and the mandatory waiting time did not affect me because I had to have a surgical procedure first before proceeding with IVF, which more than used up the time.

If you have the money and you're keen to crack on, I believe you can do 1 private cycle while waiting for the NHS cycle without affecting your eligibility for 2 NHS cycles in Wales. However, if you're thinking about this, I would not proceed with this plan until after you've seen your consultant in Jan and done all of the paperwork first, to make sure it's ok.

sandytoes84 Tue 24-Dec-19 16:11:11

For us the year started from when we were referred by the fertility nurse in the hospital to a clinic, not the GP to fertility nurse. Had been trying for 5 years at this point and had all tests.

I had an egg collection at the end of October 2018 and the cycle was freeze all due to OHSS. I then had to wait for the following April for FET as NHS funding for that year had been used up and the clinic had to wait for the new financial year.

My advice would be to be prepared for the long haul, grateful for the 2 rounds and try to enjoy other aspects of life while you’re waiting, it can be quite consuming!

sandytoes84 Tue 24-Dec-19 16:11:56

Should add, I have unexplained!

Deac92 Tue 18-Feb-20 11:00:33

Hi BewilderedBee

I wanted to see how you got on with you appointment In January, we are currently waiting for our appointment for fertility after being referred for a second time in November.
We originally lived in shropshire and moved last year to wrexham meaning we were now entitled to funding for IVF.
We have been trying for 3 years to conceive but wondered if we would still have to wait for the 12 month period or even the two years as shrewsbury diagnosed us with unexplained fertility. Any info would be appreciated!


BewilderedBee Tue 18-Feb-20 17:06:11

Hia! I have no idea what would apply in your case but we are unexplained, so we are officially on the waiting list now. So we will be waiting at least 12 months from our appointment in January. By then we will be over 2 years and passed the TTC for 2 years for unexplained. Were you able to have 1 free round with being in Shropshire before? Have you had an HSG or anything to check tubes? It's the only thing I don't seem to have had and there's no talk of it but loads of people on these boards tend to have one!

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Marj52 Sun 23-Aug-20 16:39:56

Hey Guys.
Noticed you all discussing IVF in Wales. Just been having lots of tests since last Oct and after lockdown delays have now been refereed to Shrewsbury for Ivf due to problems with both of our fertility. I just wondered if anyone had any advice on what's next and anything I need to be doing to prepare?

Deac92 Wed 06-Jan-21 12:46:46

Hi Marj52

We have just been advised that we were put on the 12 monthe from August last year and expect treatment to start in August 2021. Its dishartening that we have to wait as we found out its male factor, which will not improve. However at least we are on the right track! We havent been asked to do anything as of yet but i wish you all the luck! You may get there before me 😊

Becbelly Wed 05-May-21 18:44:07

Hi guys, hopefully starting treatment with WFI soon after being on the list for a long long time. We are going to be under the heath hospital.

@Deac92 we are also male factor infertility

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