worrying...inhaling paint fumes during 2ww

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Maggie272 Thu 19-Dec-19 21:40:55

we're having work done on our house and I inhaled some paint fumes (they used oil on the doors) I slept in a different part of the house with a towel at the bottom of the door and the window open, just in case, but it didn't reach that room or any rooms downstairs. My chest got a little irritated from being in the house a couple of hours a day, so staying in a hotel until the smell is completely gone. Feel so stupid, as I have a bfp.

But I suppose a lot of pregnant women work as cleaners ets.. my mum told me that she was varnishing and painting while she was unknowingly pregnant with my brother...
any reassurance welcome

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KittenVsXmastree Thu 19-Dec-19 21:52:27

You will be fine.
I made paint in a previous life. All gloss and emulsion paint, plus raw materials were fine.

Maggie272 Thu 19-Dec-19 21:53:56

How random, that someone who made paint would be here! Thank you SO MUCH for writing back. Embryo will be very happy : )

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WorriedButterfly Thu 19-Dec-19 22:20:56

It's so hard isn't it @

WorriedButterfly Thu 19-Dec-19 22:24:34

Ha! Sorry about that! I was going to say it is so hard to keep it in perspective isn't it! I really want to wear nail varnish but stopped incase it has an effect - OTD tomorrow for me & I have now found some that doesn't have the nasties in it. I'm sure you'll be fine, nice to have a nice in a hotel though! 😊

Maggie272 Thu 19-Dec-19 22:36:17

@WorriedButterfly I'm a crazy woman. I can't afford a hotel! I ran out immediately and tested....line still strong - stronger in fact. Good luck tomorrow. Mine is tomorrow too but I tested early xx

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Maggie272 Fri 20-Dec-19 10:05:32

@WorriedButterfly how did you get on today? Fingers crossed for you!

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WorriedButterfly Fri 20-Dec-19 10:19:19

It's a BFP! I'm in shock & feel so nervous after previous MMC in May but trying to be head strong and tell myself it's different this time. Thanks for checking in! Are you still going strong @Maggie272?

Maggie272 Fri 20-Dec-19 12:03:57

OMG! That's amazing! Congratulations, and well done for waiting! I am still going strong. If you're like me then you're about 4.5 weeks? I phoned the clinic with my results, and have an appointment for a 6weeks scan. I am not going to keep testing, because if anything goes wrong I will start to bleed (I've had two chemicals). So I'm just going to relax and have faith that what is meant to be is meant to be. I'm going to enjoy being pregnant.

I know you struggled too with the hormones, I hope this helps relieve some of that low mood xxx

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