Short protocol - timeline questions

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Fredsgirl19 Thu 19-Dec-19 10:31:52

Hi ladies,
I am due to start sort protocol on my next cycle. I have confirmed ovulation (OPK) for today so i know my af will start on Friday the 3rd of Jan. Given that is the start of a weekend it looks like i wont actually be at the clinic for a scan / collect meds until the Monday which is CD4. Is it going to be ok to start stims on CD4? everywhere i have read says short protocol starts on CD2. I really really really don't want them to tell me i have to wait another cycle to start sad

Any advice would be most welcome!

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Mseddy Thu 19-Dec-19 10:37:58

Ring your clinic and ask. We got our drugs 2 weeks in advance of my cycle starting so I didn't need clinic imput until a few days in. I just started taking the drugs on CD1

fool11 Thu 19-Dec-19 11:07:44

I did my on day3. You can have meds ordered and delivered in advance, usually it’s a next day delivery if you order before 2pm I think..might vary ..I had a scan on day 3 to check the lining and started on that day. My clinic also works weekends..maybe call them if you can have a scan on sat or Sunday? Good luck.

Bumbers Thu 19-Dec-19 11:15:56

I am also due to start first short protocol at very start of the year. My medication is cut to arrive today, but it is private so I dont know if that makes a difference.

Bumbers Thu 19-Dec-19 11:16:16

*due not cut!

Fredsgirl19 Thu 19-Dec-19 11:42:38

Thanks everyone - i called the clinic and they said it's fine. I should call on the Friday anyway and they will either get me in then or wait until Monday. They said CD4 will still be ok. PHEW!

Although having written this - i expect my usual like clockwork af will be late because its the one time I want it to show its face.

@bumbers - good luck to you! are you short protocol too? is this your first round?

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jcurve Thu 19-Dec-19 12:37:13

I’m in exactly the same position. My cycle should start on NYE so I’m hoping to get a scan on the 2nd. I really want to start this cycle as I otherwise need to wait until late March due to travel sad

We are private as well & will get the medications next week. I’m still hoping that maybe I’ll get a natural conception this month, although unlikely given we’ve had nothing in 12+ months.


Bumbers Thu 19-Dec-19 12:54:38

@Fredsgirl Yep! Short protocol and my first attempt. However, we need genetic testing and so we will not have a fresh cycle. They wilm all have to be frozen and sent away for testing. If any are viable after that, then they will look at essentially a FET cycle.

shazzz1xx Thu 19-Dec-19 13:24:30

Mine was day 3 or day 4 as my period came friday teatime so had to wait until Monday afternoon.. and I was successful so it must be fine smile good luck

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