how late is too late for IVF?

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Maggie272 Mon 16-Dec-19 13:56:58

I'm just wondering....because I am going to be 37 in Feb next year.

If this cycle is BFN (had a BFP on Saturday but after two chemical pregnanies I'm not getting too excited), then I have one good embryo left in the freezer. I'm not sure if I can physically manage another long protocol, and wonder if I would be on the older side there anyway (in terms of those of us over 35).

Hope everyone doing ok xxx

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eurochick Mon 16-Dec-19 14:04:01

You are a spring chicken in ivf terms.

RubySlippers77 Mon 16-Dec-19 14:08:22

Hi Maggie - I was 37 when I started IVF! Had DTs at 38.5. TBH I was one of the younger ones that I knew of having IVF, if that helps at all..... I think less for medical reasons of fertility decline etc and more because people try all available routes before IVF and then of course may be on a waiting list for a while!

I found this book really helpful before and during IVF. I think Zeta West was a good one too, lots of resources about looking after yourself.

Best of luck with whatever you decide!

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Mon 16-Dec-19 14:20:46

From what my clinic has said I'm pretty young too and ill be 37 in April that being said egg quality is only go to decrease so if you want to cycle again I'd do it sooner rather than later

But try to be positive about this cycle and hang on this BFP I know it's hard and previous losses sucks any enjoyment out of early pregnancy xx

Maggie272 Mon 16-Dec-19 14:52:50

thank you all for the reassurance!
@itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted yes, I have one embryo left so must try to be positive. I hope you are doing well?

@RubySlippers77 thank you for the recommendation! I stupidly did no reading prep before IVF...but am and really good diet, yoga and meditation, for all the good it did me with hormones!

@eurochick thank you, you have made my day : )

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Lemongrass1 Mon 16-Dec-19 18:06:08

37 is still young! I started at 38.5, success at 39. Hopefully this BFP is the one for you but in the event you want to try again in future, could you ask about natural FET or short protocol FET if you found long protocol too onerous? Our consultant told us the long protocol FET is rather old fashioned. When we try again we are doing long again but only because he’s not keen to change from what worked before. He wouldn’t have considered it otherwise.

Good luck and I hope this is a sticky bean! X

Maggie272 Mon 16-Dec-19 19:33:46

@Lemongrass1 this makes me very happy! I had short protocol for FET, but long for IVF - brutal.
And congratulations, that's such good news, I love hearing success stories!

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McLL Fri 20-Dec-19 13:12:15

I am 39 and it is my third IVF attempt blush
So far everything goes great, I am on the 5th week of pregnancy, but I don't want to be over-excited as the last time I had a miscarriage on the 9th week. I will calm down a bit after the 12th week.
Our situations are so alike, I wish you all the best! xx

Maggie272 Fri 20-Dec-19 17:05:16

@McLL Thank you for your response! I was lucky - this transfer worked and I'm currently 4+2 (which sounds crazy to me because I just had the transfer almost 12 days ago!). I don't want to get excited fact, I'm more nervous!

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