IVF Clinic reccomendations for low AMH (low ovarian reserve)

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GiuliaTTC Sat 14-Dec-19 08:57:19

Hi Ladies,
I hope you can help.
We are currently saving up for our next IVF round and was wondering if anyone has any clinic recommendation for low AMH?

Our main reason for needing IVF is husband's sperm antibodies, however I am not helping the matter as my AMH is quite low for my age (I am 34 and my AMH is 7).

I hear good things about CRGH in London and Serum in Athens however I am not sure they are any good with low AMH patients.

Thank you in advance

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GiuliaTTC Sat 14-Dec-19 08:59:46

I forgot to mention- we had 2 disastrous attempts at Nuffield Woking. both resulted in only 1 embryo and a BFN

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Quail15 Sat 14-Dec-19 09:06:52

Hi I had my successful Ivf at the Bridge Center who work with the Harley Street Women's clinic (this was after two pointless rounds with CARE). They were expensive but
Brilliant. I have very poor ovarian reserve/ovarian failure and they tailored my treatment.

My DD is now 13 months old and completely worth every penny spent.

They often have open days where you can book a free time slot to speak to a professional at the clinic to see what they would recommend.

Good luck

Girlinajumpsuit Sat 14-Dec-19 09:11:11

Hi, I am your age with similar AMH (a bit lower) and am pregnant from successful ivf, first round, at Lister fertility clinic in Chelsea. I believe this area is one of their specialisms - obviously worked for me and I thought they were brilliant!

Calmingvibrations Sat 14-Dec-19 09:12:08

New Life in Thessaloniki - fantastic clinic.

Quail15 Sat 14-Dec-19 09:12:11

Forgot to add that I was 32 when I had my 1st consultation with the clinic so in a similar place as you.

Calmingvibrations Sat 14-Dec-19 09:13:28

My AMH was lower than yours, can’t recall the actual number. But I was 40 yrs old and it was low for that age.


peachesforfree Sat 14-Dec-19 11:02:43

Hi giuiliattc

Just wanted to share that my husband had antisperm antibodies and I had an amh of 7.2 at 36, so we were in a v similar situation to you. I also had stage 3 endo and one tube :-/

We did icsi through CARE in London with a private consultant at the Portland who uses CARE for embryology. I am 12 weeks pg now after first cycle, although the first transfer failed so this is second transfer. We have 2 blasts in the freezer.

I did short protocol on gonal f at dose of 450 which is the highest dose I’ve heard of. I read It Starts with the Egg which I highly recommend and took LOADS of ubiquinol, as well as eating lots of protein and even some protein shakes. I didn’t change my lifestyle much otherwise, continued drinking except for during the actual stimulation phase and after transfer.

Good luck - your situation is far from hopeless with the factors you describe.

Wesstywoo Sat 14-Dec-19 14:13:11

I have the same question so hopping on to follow the thread xx

Waterdropsdown Sat 14-Dec-19 21:09:41

I had lower AMH than than yours at 32 and did 2 fresh rounds while 33. 1st at Kings NHS which was a disaster. 2nd at ARGC I got pregnant but the most surprising thing was 5 frosties (gobsmacked) anyway had miscarriage but then had my amazing still can’t believe they are here twins from a FET.

It’s properly eye watering expensive and a stressful place and I don’t know your financial situation and you would have to take that into account.

Good luck, it’s horrible being told about low Amh.

GiuliaTTC Sun 15-Dec-19 07:53:14

Thank you all for your advice and sharing your positive stories, you give me hope! Xx

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