Bleeding after failed IVF can you advise ?

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MrsLouB Fri 13-Dec-19 14:51:09

hi @EL8888

they monitored mine and was at 5.6 two days before ET and I was told it LOOKED ok but was not measured. No the fact I have had 1 day of a light bleed and two if brown spotting and no other bleed at the moment would been that there was not allot there to come away.

Unless like you it starts bleeding again shortly as I have been off all meds now for over a week.

They also told me they would of expected a heavy bleed due to the progesterone they have given me

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EL8888 Fri 13-Dec-19 14:19:40

I don’t think it means the lining was not that thick -my clinic monitored my thickness and were happy with. It’s probably the sheer quantity of drugs they have been giving you

MrsLouB Fri 13-Dec-19 13:40:17

thank you so much, I stopped the drugs a week ago and the bleeding happened Tuesday and spotting 2 days and now nothing.!

So I am either waiting for it to hit full on or the clinic said next one would be heavy! If that is the case surely the lining was not that thick to begin with.

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EL8888 Fri 13-Dec-19 12:56:49

Yep something similar happened to me. Eventually the stop / start light bleeding stopped and l had a proper period. Thinking of you xx

Mseddy Fri 13-Dec-19 12:47:19

Hi. I spotted for the first few days my period should have been due, similar to what you describe brown when I wiped mostly. Then I stopped the progesterone and about 2 days later I had the worst period I've ever had in my life! So it might just be a slow starter like mine was. My clinic made me retest again and it was a BFN again

MrsLouB Thu 12-Dec-19 10:41:40

Hi all
so I had a fresh transfer on the 25th Nov and tested on OTD 6th Dec and was BFN. So stopped all meds and then since then Monday 9th had some cramping and one small brown spot then nothing till Tuesday which was light red/brown but not enough to make a towel or just light staining, then Wednesday was back to brown and again only when I wiped (Sorry TMI) Again the same today I have a pad on but I don't need it.

I spoke to the clinic and they asked me to do another test which I did and is BFN. Has anyone else has this type of bleed after stopping meds and IVF? as the clinic and all others I have seen say it should be heavy and this is so far the other way.

Feel like I am going crazy.

thanks all in advance.

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