Fertilibox: toxic-free skin care, make up & treats

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Sylva123 Wed 11-Dec-19 11:25:14

I'm not associated with Fertilibox in any way at all, so this isnt a marketing thing - just want to make that clear!
I started subscribing in November and just got my December box through and it is lovely so wanted to let other people know about it if they haven't heard of it. It is one of those monthly box subscription things like birchbox but made for people in our shoes. The women that run it have also been going through IVF and the box is full of candles, skin care, make up etc that is low toxicity / low on nasty chemicals and it also comes with nice recipe cards. Its about £30 so isn't the cheapest but the things inside it are amazing quality & really luxurious. It feels like a treat when things are really challenging. I don't have a discount code or anything i'm afraid, just wanted to share about it because it is one of the things that is brightening up this crappy time.

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