Help with follicle scan results

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LaurenN23 Wed 11-Dec-19 10:47:51

Hi, I had my CD10 scan today (today is actually CD9 for me as they couldn't fit me in tomorrow!) I'm on my first round of clomid 50mg. I have PCOS too.

Although the consultant read out what she was seeing, she never said whether it was good or bad so wanted to see whether anyone on here could shed some light...?

1 follicle on left ovary at 13.4mm and 1 on right at 14.2mm.
Womb lining at 6mm.


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physicskate Wed 11-Dec-19 15:38:52

It means you might ovulate 2 eggs. This would happen simultaneously though. Follicles grow 1-2 mm per day and ovulation happens when follicles reach about 20mm in size or larger (can get up to 30 mm).

So you might ovulate in a week, perhaps more, perhaps less.

So it looks like the clomid is making you ovulate.

LaurenN23 Wed 11-Dec-19 15:51:06

@physicskate thank you! That's really helpful! Do you know whether the 6mm lining is a concern? I can only see negative things around a lining of 6mm online but not sure if that's normal for CD9!?

Thank you for responding x

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physicskate Wed 11-Dec-19 20:17:34

Anything above 8mm is good. But that's for implantation, which doesn't take place until 7-12 days after ovulation!!

So I don't know how that stacks up so early in the cycle.

Have a read up on raspberry red leaf tea (not just raspberry tea) and see if you think it means get help (but not after ovulation.

Are you having any follow up scans?

LaurenN23 Wed 11-Dec-19 20:43:35

@physicskate ah will have a look into that! Thank you. I have no idea how it stacks up either 😔. Just got to hope it gets thicker.

No I only have the one scan, and only on this cycle! So if it doesn't work I'll always be wondering if it's because of my lining! They won't give me anymore scans

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