Pre-cramps bring me down

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ChatWithMe Tue 10-Dec-19 13:52:19

Hi there.

I expect my period in one week. I think I know my body well enough to know when it's coming. I get a dull sensation in my uterus for a week before my period. It's not pain, it sometimes hangs around for several hours and disappears then returns.

I googled it and I guess the information there doesn't make me feel any better. Just articles about how it could be pregnancy (yet I get it every month and remain infertile atm). It could also be the rise in prostaglandins that are responsible for shedding the lining (menstruation).

After this year's failed transfers/ICSI/IUIs I just want a break from my body. My hubby is lucky cause he's not feeling the infertility sensations all the time, he just gets the bad news each time I get my period.

I wonder if anyone else has this dull sensation in their uterus (central lower abdomen) for a week before their period comes and finds its a constant reminder there is no life growing inside :'-(

Thanks for reading x

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Lavienestjamaisjuste Tue 10-Dec-19 17:06:39

I completely get what you've just said, I experience the same cramping you describe for a full week before my period and it really is the most depressing thing - and I get exactly what you mean about your husband just not understanding it and how you wish you could just take a break from your body. For what it's worth I've found that trying to take some control back with exercise or even pampering sessions during that week can sometimes help. It's properly shit - TTC #1 for just over 3 years, 3 early miscarriages, first round of Ivf just resulted in TFMR at 16 weeks, and the dull ache you describe just serves as a constant reminder. flowers to you - it's just rubbish

ChatWithMe Tue 10-Dec-19 17:58:14

Hi Lavienestjamaisjuste - thanks for sharing. I had to look up that acronym but was saddened by what it means. You must have been so distraught. What a soldier you are having been through all that. I am trying for number 2 so I am grateful for my son but still can't stand this grueling process second time round. We've actually set a date for giving up (my 40th birthday). I feel like TTC is a ball and chain sometimes. Anyhow, I value your input and wish you a BFP in the new year flowers

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