Laparoscopy cancelled due to faint pos pregnancy test

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ChicaXS Tue 10-Dec-19 09:59:03

Hello all

I went in this morning all prepped for a laparoscopy and by protocol, I did my urine test and it came back as a faintly positive line. The consultant then cancelled my laparoscopy and stated that I have a blood test. I am so doubtful I am pregnant as I had my period two weeks ago and am ovulating right now however I have PCOS.
I’m scheduled for IVF in February and now worried they will push all this back as I may be pregnant? I took an internet cheapie last night and it came back negative. I really hope I am but I’m just very doubtful. Has this ever happened to anyone??

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pooopypants Tue 10-Dec-19 10:25:15

No experience but I'd retest tomorrow, using FRER, they're by far the most.senstive tests available

Good luck!

ChicaXS Tue 10-Dec-19 13:51:14

So the doctor called and my levels are 9. He mentioned it’s very low and they still cannot conform pregnancy so I will have to repeat the test on Monday. This is insane! I could or I could not be pregnant? I have some bleeding on the 19th November and I’m really praying this wasn’t a miscarriage. The last proper period was the 29th October. Feeling so scared 😧

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Robs20 Tue 10-Dec-19 13:54:44

I think anything over 5 is classed as positive but that is low. Can they give you ovitrelle to try to help?

ChicaXS Tue 10-Dec-19 14:18:39

What will this do?

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ChicaXS Thu 12-Dec-19 14:22:15

Still don’t want to get my hopes up but looking positive. Tested again today and line is much darker smile blood test scheduled for Monday. Still confused on my conception date as my last period was 19th November. Surely I didn’t ovulate so early??

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ChicaXS Thu 12-Dec-19 14:23:03

Line eyes lol?

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HuntIdeas Thu 12-Dec-19 14:27:00

Could be correct. I think you can start getting faint positives from about 8DPO. That would put O on 2nd December which is CD13 - well within normal range. Finger crossed x

HuntIdeas Thu 12-Dec-19 14:27:25

Defo positive, congrats

PotteringAlong Thu 12-Dec-19 14:28:31

That last one is a very definite positive! Congratulations!

ReginaPhalangeee Thu 12-Dec-19 14:30:00

That last one is definitely positive! Huge congratulations!

Nightmanagerfan Thu 12-Dec-19 14:36:27


bellabelly Thu 12-Dec-19 14:39:08

Tentative congratulations!

iheartchristmas92 Thu 12-Dec-19 14:39:32

congratulations, love seeing BFPs xx

bellabelly Thu 12-Dec-19 14:40:20

Oops, posted before seeing the pics - nothing tentative about that second test!

ChicaXS Thu 12-Dec-19 14:42:10

Thank you so much xx I have so much anxiety as it’s the first time I’ve been pregnant and I do t feel any different. I have a lot of cramping though which is making me really nervous!

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DiaryofWimpyMumm Thu 12-Dec-19 14:42:15

I can see a line on the 2nd one

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