Anyone dealing with low sperm count?

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waitingforarainbow Sun 08-Dec-19 15:49:51

Looking for anyone in the same horrible boat!

I had two miscarriages back in 2015, followed by a healthy DC in 2016. We've now been TTC for 16 months but discovered my DH has a very low sperm count. With hormonal treatment, this improved and we managed to conceive by some miracle in July, but sadly we lost this baby - my third miscarriage. DH's count has inexplicably plummeted again so it looks like IVF/ICSI is our only option now, although we're going to try to see a urologist as a last ditch attempt to fix things.

Anyone going/gone through something similar? x

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Mon 09-Dec-19 07:28:11

Has your husband been taking supplements? Something like Proceive Max for men as that's got loads of "stuff" in it - it will take 3 months for any change though x

waitingforarainbow Mon 09-Dec-19 08:30:34

Hi @itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Yes, he's been taking Wellman supplements for months. We think it's a hormonal problem but can't seem to find the right specialist to advise, which is so frustrating. X

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Lizzybee80 Thu 12-Dec-19 17:10:20

Hello @waitingforarainbow
Yes we are having the same issues
When I originally met my partner he was told he was infertile. So I knew one day we’d have to adopt/ or use donor sperm.
Were gobsmacked this year to find out he has sperm- very few but enough for IVF. His count is <250,000 mark. They are good quality but just little of them.

I did A LOT of research and have him on numerous multivitamins- selenium/ zinc/ L-Cartitine, all which apparently help sperm quality. He’s exercising more too.
We have enough sperm frozen now for 7 cycles, plus fingers crossed on the day he’ll still be producing a few good swimmers.

He’s seeing the endocrine team too for genetic testing to find out cause. This was from a lot of pressure to G.P.

I assume your husband has had bloods etc done to check hormones?
What hormone treatment did they offer you?

I am awaiting a diagnostic lap just to ensure all is ok my end then hopefully we can start treatment.

I’m so sorry to hear of your miscarriages. Try and remain hopeful. I know option of IVF is painfully daunting, but it might allow you to achieve a miracle smile x

justbeingelle Sun 15-Dec-19 11:04:23

Same here. DH has a very low sperm count. All hormone tests and ultrasounds have come back clear. On the waiting list for ICSI now.

waitingforarainbow Sun 15-Dec-19 16:16:57

Hi @Lizzybee80 - that's amazing news that you managed to get and freeze plenty of samples! Best of luck! Is it one sample per cycle? We're going to freeze some soon too.
Yes, DH has had lots of tests and seen a GP, an endocrinologist, a urologist and a Dr at the IVF clinic. It seems to be a hormonal issue but the treatment is total guesswork, unfortunately. We managed to fix it temporarily (with a mix of HCG, Clomid and Tamoxifen) but it's gone back down now. He's going to try the same protocol soon to see if it works again.

@justbeingelle sorry to hear you're in the same boat. Good luck with ICSI. I think we'll be doing it too, in January/February. x

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TalbotAMan Sun 15-Dec-19 16:55:21

* It seems to be a hormonal issue but the treatment is total guesswork, unfortunately. We managed to fix it temporarily (with a mix of HCG, Clomid and Tamoxifen)*

If they are restoring sperm production, even temporarily, it suggests a pituitary problem. Has he had a scan for a pituitary problem?


waitingforarainbow Sun 15-Dec-19 17:41:16

Thanks @TalbotAMan I've mentioned this to DH but not a single one of the 'experts' he's seen has suggested having a MRI/CT! They didn't seem at all concerned. Might push him to go back to his GP about it. X

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MissHoney85 Sun 15-Dec-19 18:15:58

Same here, count of 5-6m and low motility and morphology. Seems to be hormonal but Clomid didn't make any difference. He has lots of IBS type digestive problems which he has ignored for years and years, I wonder if that has something to do with it. About to start our first round of IVF, I figure at least Male Factor should hopefully be one of the more straightforward problems to address - it only takes one good one!

On a side note, I do find MFI challenging as my husband carries a lot of guilt and I guess shame about it. I find it makes it hard for me to be open with him about my feelings sometimes as it makes him worry that it's his 'fault'. Does anyone else find this?

TalbotAMan Tue 17-Dec-19 14:13:42


Get him tested for coeliac disease.

MissHoney85 Tue 17-Dec-19 16:56:24

He has been tested already having just in the last month or so started taking it a bit more seriously. It's not coeliac but (as a complete non medical expert!) I still have a suspicion that's it's connected, seeing as the digestive system is so connected to everything else.

Nicsfh80 Thu 19-Dec-19 11:21:02

I'm so glad to have found you girls, hope it's ok to join your chat. We found out on Monday that my OH has very low sperm count and I feel like my world has fallen apart! Sorry for being dramatic but it's just how I feel. I'm trying not to show him how I'm feeling but it's so hard. He is being tested again in February so he started taking wellman vitamins and i have been having reflexology so he is going to give that a go too as I think it can make the sperm that is there healthier.
I feel like there is no hope as we only found out by letter as we are going private (they don't like to call us in as it costs money each time!) so haven't seen a doctor yet! Can we still do IVF??
Sorry for all the questions I just feel a bit desperate!!

Millie202023 Thu 19-Dec-19 11:46:44

@Nicsfh80 yes you should be able to do ivf/icsi depending on how low your husband count is.
My partners is 3million per ml so classed as severe and I am starting icsi ivf in January.
Icsi is used when the sperm is too low or can’t penetrate the egg it just basically does what the sperm is supposed to do.
I know exactly how you feel as I felt heart broken and my dp was devastated. We got through the depressive fog and are now excited to get going on our first round. I’m sure you will get there too. Start eating healthier and get your dp on some vitamins. Wellman conception are good as well as 1000mg of vitamin c. Also get yourself on a conception vitamin for women x

Millie202023 Thu 19-Dec-19 11:48:46

Sorry I’ve typed that wrong.
“Depending on how low your husbands sperm count is” I mean they can do ivf with even the lowest of counts, my doctor said they have used icsi for sperm counts as low as 10, not thousand just 10 sperm.
Even with 0 sperm counts there are options like tese with icsi. Please google and you will be reassured there is lots that can be done. X

Nicsfh80 Thu 19-Dec-19 11:59:44

@millie202023 thank you so much, from reading all your posts I feel like there is a bit of light!! We don't know how low it is yet but thank goodness there are options. We having been trying for 2 years on and off as we got married in between and my OH had an accident so I've been taking vitamins from the start but he will start now. Thanks

waitingforarainbow Thu 19-Dec-19 12:55:37

We've just had our first treatment planning appointment for IVF with ICSI and will be starting in early Feb. When are you starting @Millie202023?

@Nicsfh80 glad this thread has given you some hope. It's such a shocking thing to find out and come to terms with, isn't it? Depending on the cause of the low count your OH might be able to have treatment to help you conceive naturally. My OH's count went from 3 to 15 million in 6 weeks with a combination of drugs, and we conceived straight away. Sadly that ended in miscarriage so that's why we're now pursuing IVF with ICSI. As a previous poster said, you can have IVF with ICSI even with just a few singular sperm. All is certainly not lost! x

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dreichXmas Thu 19-Dec-19 15:49:05

DH had very low count and poor motility.
We had one round of isci,
We have two lovely dc.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.

bootsyjam Tue 31-Dec-19 18:26:10

Please see the long post that I made here to increase my sperm count/motility

Through changes in diet and general behaviour you can massively increase sperm motility/numbers as long as there are no underlying medical/infection reasons that your partner should be screened for by your urologist.

I increased my sperm count/motility by 500% in three months, from being very low to extremely high. If you're committed then it is possible to do this. It would have been even higher if I had continued on the same course after the first 3 months.

Obviously there might be another cause behind your issues but the man is 50% of the equation so solving/improving the odds on that one might be some help. Best of luck to yousmile

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