Missed dose Utrogestan

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AliceAbsolum Sun 08-Dec-19 17:13:30

I forgot an estrofem dose once, was devestated. I would definitely have added an extra pill as that's 1/2 the dose. As you didn't bleed directly after I think it's fine. I'm 8+3 now and still going strong. Haven't forgotten a dose since. It shocks you doesn't it.

Betsyboo87 Sat 07-Dec-19 16:09:41

If you haven’t had any bleeding since forgetting one then I think you should be ok. If you’re taking them vaginally then they’re absorbed quite quickly. I was late taking mine a number of times and all was ok. It’s probably best to wait for medical advice re double doses.

Don’t stress about the bleed last week if it was light. It’s not uncommon in early pregnancy and doesn’t mean you’re out. Best of luck for Monday.

spacegirl123 Sat 07-Dec-19 15:31:28

Hello, I'm currently in the 2ww following a 5 day transfer, I'm due to test on Monday and while I had a light bleed yesterday and I'm sure I'm out, I'm not due to test until Monday and I still have that tiny glimmer of hope.

I'm on 3×200mg of Utrogestan (progesterone) at the min to be taken 3 times a day at the same time. I've just realised that I missed my morning dose, I've never done that before. The leaflet says not to take a double dose but I read online that one missed dose could prove disastrous in the tww. I've called NHS24 and it'll be up to 3 hours before someone calls me back and my clinic is closed.

It's a slim chance given I've had a bleed, but there's still a chance it worked and I'll be devastated if I've ruined everything by missing the meds 😢

Does anyone else know what I should do? Do I take the dose in the middle or late tonight or is it not such a big deal?? I'm panicking and can't believe I've been so stupid 😞

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